24 09 2007

NBC has 3 new shows and 2 are airing today (September 24th – Monday)! Out here in Minnesota, we’ll be getting – Chuck at 7pm, Heroes (2nd Season) at 8pm, and Journeyman at 9. The final new tv show is Bionic Woman (26th – Wednesday @ 8pm) featuring a woman who gets into an accident right out in the beginning and ends up with bionic body parts. According to Google the internet, this is a remake. I could care less but they’re featuring the brand new Honda Accord and me thinks it’s the car the main chick’ll be driving when she gets into her life changing accident which makes this a must-see show.

Chuck’s about some Geek Squad supervisor getting a top secret government laptop to fix (by mistake) and ends up driving backwards down a flight of stairs in a debadged Toyota Yaris with a secret agent. Sounds like a great mantra for a good pilot.

Heroes is … You know what it is. This would be the 2nd season to remind us that the geeks are back in townnnn!

And Journeyman looks like it’s going to suck. Sorry but I’d like to see more shows tainted with humor over serious business in a bearish economy and the peeps who run this country. There’s enough serious stuff. Back in the booming ’90s, we jus had to much fun things to do and that coincided with the gloomy X-Files hit. So back to happy stuff guys!

EDIT: Sorry. Bionic Woman is on at 8PM and NOT 7PM as I have posted above.




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