Nissan GT-R Countdown to Tokyo!

25 09 2007

Despite making appearances all over the world in all sorts of race tracks, all of the pictures had a partially disguised Nissan GT-R. This year, you actually get to see Nissan’s flag-ship – the GT-R. Yes. It will still have all of it’s AWD (All Wheel Drive) techiness along with it’s G-Force LCD screen and the other electronic stuff in it. Only difference is, this time, they’re going to be looking a lot more refined. Bye bye boxy car, hello curves, goodbye hard earned cash!

The GT-R badge originally were used on the race-tuned Skyline models but as the years rolled by, different variants of the Skyline GT-R were made until one day, Nissan decided they had diluted the brand too far. So in 2000, a crack team worked out day and night until the Nissan GT-R Concept (below) was created and revealed at the 35th Tokyo Auto Show in 2001. The new look caused an uproar and people either loved it or hated it but there was no denying that whatever it would look like, it would continue in it’s tradition of extreme race-track handling capabilities with the ultimate performance.

Meanwhile, in Japan, a new Skyline V35 came out in the market. This iteration of the Skyline was brought over to the US as the Infinity G35 but was largely ignored as a Skyline because it just did not fit the mold of an awkward looking boxy car. The G35 Coupe was a beauty with all it’s curves and articulate lines, but it was simply not Skyline material and as though to confirm it, Nissan stated that the Skyline and the GT-R would be separate entities. That didn’t stop the tuner crowd from messing around with the Infiniti G35s (below) though.

After 7 years with minute changes in design, engines, exhausts, etc made, the overall look of the car remained. Slightly futuristic or alien looking, the GT-R is once again set to capture the hearts and minds of over a million fans worldwide. And unlike it’s predecessors which were not available for the North American continent, due to import rules on right-hand steering wheels and other safety concerns, the legend will be here finally. Below you can see a GT-R Prototype refueling …

Today, the GT-R Nissan website came up with a countdown timer. The GT-R Concept was unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Show and this VR38DETT twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 engine bearing monster will be unveiled as a finished product at this year. Output of around 550hp and the insane levels of expectations from fans and PS2 Gran Turismo gamers will result in a cosmic explosion late this October at the Tokyo Auto Show.

EDIT: Edmunds Inside Line caught the newest most revealing pics (made small below) of the GT-R. It’s changed from strangely ugly to DAYUMMM!




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