Very Brief Review – NBC Shows

25 09 2007

I waited months for these shows and finally got to see them yesterday on NBC. Here’s a brief down-low on my impressions of the 3 shows that aired on Monday. There might be some spoilers so if you didn’t see the episode, you might not want to read what I wrote here.

First of all, we have the 7pm Central show – CHUCK – about a bunch of Geek Squad Nerd Herd techs and one in particular working at Buy More, a parody of Minneapolis-based Best Buy. The basic background to the story is that a rogue CIA agent transferred super duper top secret government files to Chuck, the $11 wage earning Nerd Herd tech. Unknown to Chuck, the harmless looking puzzles etc he completed in the file sent by the agent embedded subliminal pieces of information and before you know it, everybody’s after him. A model-like CIA agent and a meat-head NSA agent team-up with Chuck to help defuse a bomb and that’s pretty much the show. Sounds boring but in reality, this show lived up to my high expectations all the humor in it.

8pm brought on the 2nd season of HEROES and it was good but confusing and mysterious as usual. Sylar’s enjoying life at some nondescript private beach with a bunch of chicks and Peter’s found in some smuggling container. Unfortunately he’s found by a smuggling gang members and that’s how the episode ends. The first episode of the second season of Heroes focuses on so many different stories – the relocation of Claire and her dad Noah (dude with the glasses) to California and how Matt got his job with the fuzz. Then Hiro’s lost somewhere in time with a bunch of Samurais and Matt’s adopted daughter’s drawing some creepy pictures reminiscent of the Hollywood remake of the Korean horror flick The RING. The dude who plays SULU in the original Star Trek series with Captain Kirk and Mister Spock dies. Yea that’s pretty much what happened but I skipped a few dets regarding Hiro.

And now to the show I wasn’t planning on watching but I did anyway – Journeyman. It was actually pretty good. Sorta confusing but I’m betting most of the questions that viewers might’ve had for the first episode will be answered. The iPhone totting main character accidentally gets warped in a time portal when he sees his long dead girlfriend walk by a store. Everything gets messed up but towards the end, it sorta fits about right. His dead girlfriend somehow cheated death by traveling through time and we don’t exactly know how but yea.

Well all I can say is that these are all good shows and the Ninja gives his ratings below.

Chuck – 4/5
Heroes – 3.5/5
Journeyman – 4/5




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