Bionic Woman and the NBC show schedule!

26 09 2007

Mon: 7pm Chuck / 8pm Heroes / 9pm Journeyman
Wed: 7pm Deal Or No Deal / 8pm Bionic Woman / 9pm Life
Thu: 7pm My Name Is Earl / 8pm Office / 8:30pm Scrubs
Fri: 7pm Deal Or No Deal
Sat: 10:30pm SNL

Just saw Bionic Woman (8pm-9pm). Not too bad. Jamie (forget her last name) gets in a hit-and-run. Her husband’s some top secret bionics surgeon and he rushes her to a “top-secret” location and bypasses security to have her modified. Right-eye and limbs all replaced with nanotech microbes or something. Then Jamie runs away with the help of her husband because the big boys taking care of the lab wanted her dead.

This whole time, Jamie’s getting flashbacks with random information (CHUCK deja-vu) and kept getting an image of some dead blonde chick. So she gets home and goes out to her regular bartending job and comes face-to-face with that chick she kept seeing in her mind. She gets all confused and the other chick tells her that she’s a “bionic woman” also and the first. Then the other chick disappears and Jamie follows her only to end up beating up a thug attempting to kill her.

Back at her apt, she meets her husband and he gets shot … by that blonde chick sniping from the roof of another building. Then they end up going hand-to-hand combat on the roof. Our bionic woman, Jamie, gets her ass handed to her by her blonde original bionic woman. The Feds show up in a helicopter and the blonde chick runs away. Jamie meets up with the big boys and they claim that they’re the good guys and were ready to train her. THE END. Well there were some other minor players running their own snooping in Bionic Woman but I guess we’ll have to watch the next show to find out more.

Not the greatest 1st episode to a new show but how much more could they cram? Next up was LIFE at 9pm. It’s about a detective who gets wrongly accused for a murder he didn’t commit. They later find out he’s innocent and let him. “Life was his sentence and life was what he got back” – some corny line laid out by a random character in this show. The main dude’s all cocky and smart-ass about everything. A detective that drives a Bentley Continental GT??? Holysmokes. That’s once fine ride and that was about what I got from it. Will post more about LIFE later after the show.




4 responses

27 09 2007
David Banner

I was disappointed in the show. Not sure why, its network TV, afterall. I just had a small glimmer of hope that perhaps this could be good. I’ll watch next week, but that’s IT if it doesn’t get better.

5 10 2007
Paolo Ace

looks good, haven’t seen this tv show yet…

5 10 2007

The 2nd episode was a lot better but I knew it was cuz it couldn’t get any worse than the first one.

6 10 2007
karen young

I didnt really care for it, it was all over the place. Im not sure how you can fix this train reck. I guess for me theres enough stupid super hero woman, jump over tall buildings in high heels. Ya after a long day at work, not something I want to waist my time with.

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