NBC Show Review – LIFE

26 09 2007

Personally thought this show was good. It’s a laid-back version of SVU IMO (in my opinion) but instead of focusing the attention on the killers/suspect/etc, the attention falls squarely on the main character – Charlie Crews – and his hot lawyer – Constance Griffiths – who never stops saying “Life was his sentence, and Life is what he got back.”

The main theme of this show is how this former-cop and now a detective is trying to find out who framed him and from the looks of it, the bad guys are the cops. Some of the cops in the higher-ups also are trying to have him taken off the department. As Charlie draws lines between cropped pictures of cops, inmates, and victims on a huge board, you can see that he’s getting one step closer to who framed him and it’s quite obvious that the whole LAPD are crooked and that’s he’s target. Well he did mention in the show that “I don’t like cops either” to an inmate.

It follows the OFFICE way of directing by having individual cast members getting interviewed as though they’re speaking up their minds to themselves. Interesting.

BUT, I don’t feel like writing anymore so without much ado, the Ninja gives out 2 thumbs up to you kind people out there so you know that you should watch LIFE.

PS: Good job NBC but PUHLEZZZ remove those annoying GMC/Pontiac/Chevrolet commercials. If you want to have them around, spread them out like ONLY ONE ad per hour. Playing the same dumbass ad every 5mins is a major turn-off.




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6 10 2007
karen young

I really like the show “life” I became interrested in the lead actor back when he was on Band of brothers. I dont know much about the actor but would like to find out more. Good actors with a clean back ground and a grounded real life is what I think the joe and jane public are looking for. Not all this crap you see today in the news. I wait for Wednesday nights, life seems like its going to be a great show. keep up the good work . This working gal wants a show with a real man that can keep my interrest and and can act.. So far good writting.

7 10 2007

Couldn’t agree more with ya out there Karen.

9 10 2007

I have enjoyed this show too. I like the source original source material, The Count of Monte Cristo. What I wonder, is he listening to The Count on his IPOD on the last episode (2) right at the end when he is at the shooting range.

11 10 2007
karen young

Last nights show ( 10-10-05) was good, I love the car. and the coyotes. Dislikes about the show, Tuff female cops oh please how many times has that been in the wash. Its only my opinion but since I watch, find a character as interesting as the lead roll don’t just ride off his back. Love the story line so far. Cant wait till next week.

1 11 2007


29 10 2008

Hello! I like to utilize my silly tone Fresh joke! What did the worm say to the caterpillar? What did you do to get that fur coat?

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