RIAA likes to sue regular citizens and minorities?

10 10 2007

We all heard about the $222,000 RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) lawsuit that was slapped on 30-year-old Minnesota-resident Jammie Thomas for sharing 24 songs. If the $9,250 per song price was shocking, what’s worse is that it was a JURY TRIAL. Oh cmon good people of Minnesota. Can’t you stupid morons understand that sharing fucking 24 songs does not equate to fucking $222,000 in fines?

Jammie Thomas of Brainerd was the first ever RIAA victim to not agree on the $2,000 or $5,000 deal they usually make to people they catch. So they took her to court. They took her to a JURY TRIAL and WON. And boy did they win. They WON a whole lotta cash and the fears of a ton of scared citizens across the countr.

Back on April 2006, Bush talking about the songs on his iPod – “Beach Boys, Beatles, let’s see, Alan Jackson, Alan Jackson, Alejandro, Alison Krauss, the Angels, the Archies, Aretha Franklin, the Beatles, Dan McLean. Remember him?” So how did he get the Beatles on his iPod and not get slapped a fine by the RIAA? I guess when you’re the Prez, you can have your way with things which is ok sometimes but with a $222,000 lawsuit on a poor mother, I hope he has a thing known to many as “conscience.”

Well maybe he does have a conscience. But wait. The very next day he comes out saying the RIAA win over Jammie Thomas shows that “we have an effective legal system in the U.S.” WTF man. Why do you have to gloat over at her misery when you got off the hook?

To make matters worse, Jammie Thomas is a Native American (or American Indian … your preference) and a single mother of two. George Bush Jr. is white, married, and a father of two, and also happens to be the President of the United States of America.

I can understand the RIAA wanting to sue Jammie and sure they do have a some reason to win in cases like this but $222,000 for a paltry 24 songs? That my friend is OVERKILL. Maybe charge her $50 or even $100 for every song? Gosh. What are you going to do with that truck load of money? Buy a brand new Lamborghini or a fleet of Porsches? If there are two things that is common in this nation, they are OVERKILL and a LACK OF CONSCIENCE!

In the end, I hope Jammie Thomas’ decision to appeal the fine goes well and she gets a heavily reduced sentence or even set free with a warning that she get fined the next time she’s caught. This is IT! I FOUND THE ANSWER. All they need to do is give out a WARNING.

… all that leads to one thing. There is some weird shit going on out here.

/end rant of the day!



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