Weird ice formations

19 10 2007

The ninja is confused. He’s not the greatest physics or chemistry person but knows there’s something inherently strange when you find an ice mountain formed on a regular-sized ice tray left in his freezer. All the ninja did was fill up the tray since he used up all the ice. 2 days later he went to retrieve the ice from the freezer compartment and boom goes the shot. Sorry. Just wanted to say those last 4 words. Ha ha.

Alright. So that was all that was done and I have this small pointy mountain jutting out. I mean how does this work? Did the freezer get warm all of a sudden causing water to drip from the ceiling of the inside of the freezer to fall on the icecubefying spot which led to a splash and just as it splashed it froze over?

Ladies and gentlemen. If you have any theories behind this, please gimme your thoughts. I have been deeply troubled by this little thing for the past few days and would greatly appreciate it if the answer could be revealed in the comments.



2 responses

30 10 2007

Check out this link.It explains how that “spike” was formed.

30 10 2007

Thanks for enlightening the ninja on this subject matter. I am now at peace.

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