Adobe CS3 don’t fly with older Mackies

25 10 2007

The title sounds like a sick old man perv joke but apparently, word around the street is that Adobe’s newest 4GB dinosaur doesn’t like anything older than Mac OS 10.4 or OS X Tiger for those confused.

It all started with trying to install Adobe Creative Suite 3 on a newer Mac OS 10.4.8 and the installation went through flawlessly. Cool. Then went over to install it on a slightly older Mac OS 10.3.9 G5 and whadya know? The installation setup icon vanishes into thin air after 2-3 seconds of double-clicking it. This stupid tug-o-war went on for the next few minutes until I realized it just wasn’t going to work out. Cleared off the cache and rebooted the Mac G5 thinking maybe it might go through this time. Nope. Finally one obscure forums had a user post saying CS3 was not compatible with OS 10.3.x aka Panther. Motherf*cker! Wish I’d known that in advance instead of wasting 60 minutes of my time.

So just so you know, Adobe Creative Suite 3 is NOT compatible with OS 10.3 or anything that is NOT Tiger. I’m assuming Leopard stands to defy that statute. Didn’t think 10.3 and 10.4 were that different to warrant Adobe to take that stance.




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