Mike’s Hard (and) Sucks! :O

25 10 2007

Darjeeling is considered as one of the best producers of quality tea. The same can’t be said about Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co, the Canadian maker of the Mike’s Hard series of hard filtered down liquor. You like Long Island Teas? Don’t even consider Mike’s Hard “long island” Tea. When the girlfriend saw “Ice Tea” with “Mike’s Hard” in the same bottle at a local liquor store, she immediately reached out for it. Unfortunately, Mike’s Hard Tea is more of a Darjeeling “limited” than anything else.

To be honest, it tasted like cough syrup and left everybody gagging which means, we’re not gonna git it again. Was trying to find pictures of “Mike’s Hard Tea” all over Google and Yahoo but the only things I could find were pics of regular Mike’s Lemonade and a whole lotta Mike’s with hard-ons. WTF man. Too many guys in various homo-erotic poses and a whole more of “tea-bagging” (look that up if you don’t know what it is but know that it’s NSFW aka Not-Safe-For-Work). Grossed the hell outta me. First Mike’s Hard Tea and now Mike’s Hard Tea-Baggin.

And to end it all, a sick ad (Youtube) by the guys who brought you Mike’s Hard Tea topped by a nicely done homage to the Evil Dead’s “Army of Darkness” movie.




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