The return of Knight Rider

30 11 2007

According to Jalopnik, a credible source revealed/confirmed that the new and upcoming Knight Rider movie is casting the Ford Shelby GT500KR as the new K.I.T.T. and thus goes away GM’s dominance of pushing their wares on every movie featuring a car for this millennia. There were rumors previously about Ford’s role in the upcoming remake (movie) of the classic tv show but we finally have pictures. Below is the original Knight Rider “ride” decked out in all it’s Pontiac Trans-Am glory before the brand became diluted into manufacturing plasticky ruffled up cars.

If you were old enough to remember watching the hit 80’s corny show Knight Rider starring David “the Hoff” Hasselhoff of Baywatch fame, K.I.T.T (the car) was a black Pontiac Trans-Am with a horizontally moving set of red lights. KITT was the SHIT back then. He could listen in conversations of bad guys, do x-ray and thermal scans, had radar, missile packs, and could even fly. Wow what a car. Cheesy lines were at their premium and the Hoff never stopped trying to race other regular cars with his super duper KITT. All that and the campy theme music together made a great team.

Now we have the angry looking GT500KR as KITT. I think KARR (KITT’s arch nemesis) would be perfect as a Mustang but somehow, KITT just doesn’t seem like a Mustang in my opinion. I mean Ford’s sports car is a sweet ride for any ninja but it just cant seem to emulate the futuristic-looking sports car that was Trans-Am back in the day. A Dodge Viper or a Chevy Z06 would make a better looking KITT. Even the Infiniti G35 (Nissan Skyline) would be a better fit in my opinion.

But picking the Mustang might just do the trick. The Hoff was quite the schmuck in his car so finding a driver with a similar mindset for a Mustang should be no problem. But then again, I’m not really digging those gray stripes down the middle. KITT was all black and that’s how it should be. So the question remains:

1. Are those photoshopped images?

2. Who will play “Michael Knight” the driver?

3. Will they get rid of those silly Cobra badges from KITT?

4. How many more corny lines can they reuse from the old series?

5. Is Gary Coleman going to make an appearance again? He still looks the same.


Klone Nokla N95

29 11 2007

Just noticed this on eBay while checking up on prices of the N95. Apparently, this is a “NEW klone NOKIA N95 Touchscreen DualBand” and some idiot already has a bid which starts out at $299.99 + $9.99 for shipping and handling. Don’t people do research when buying a product that’s over $100??? I previously wrote an article about peddlers on eBay/Craigslist trying to sell fake Nokias as the real thing. I guess the person is either rich, a person trying to raise the bid just for kicks, a complete buffoon. Here’s the page. The seller made every possible attempt to advise potential buyers that this is a fake but there’s always the few that go beyond reason.

Here’s why alarm bells should have rung inside the head of the bidder:

1. The picture says “nokla n95” instead of “NOKIA N95” and don’t even bother with the font.

2. It’s a “touchscreen” Nokia phone. Currently there are NO touchscreen Nokia phones. The only Nokias with touch-screens are the internet tables (770, 800, 810, etc) but Nokia is looking to have that feature in future phones.

3. Those quirky printed icons on the bottom of the screen visible in the 2nd pic on the page.

4. The first line under the description section says “This is not the original Nokia N95 phone, this is replica Nokia N95 (made in China)

5. Camera is 1-2 MP instead of 5. All phones these days have 1-2MP and they can be snagged for under 100 bucks.

6. Furthermore, the seller presents a list of why this isn’t the real deal.
The difference between the replica one and the real is;
The replica slides 1 way, and the real 2 way.
The replica has a touch screen and the real one does not.
The replica is less expensive than real one.
The replica has the user friendly touch screen, which people love and is easier to use.
A lot of people prefer the touch screen!

As the saying goes, a fool and his money are soon …

pop + manga + music = Asobi Seksu

27 11 2007

So I’ve been rather busy in the past many days since Black Friday twiddling around with an old 1GHz Intel Pentium III 256MB RAM laptop. Formatted the hard drive on it to the EXT3 format and loaded the most popular Debian Linux-based operating system – Ubuntu 7.10 aka Gutsy Gibbon. The process was long and lengthy and may not be for the faint hearted but it was definitely worth the trouble. FYI, Ubuntu is completely FREE which brings me now to a something else.

Randomly bumped into ASOBE SEKU ASOBI SEKSU on YouTube while following the exploits of Zadi Diaz on JetSetShow’s EPIC-FU. Asobi Seksu (according to Wikipedia) is a New York City band featuring Yuki Chikudate (vocals, keyboards), James Hanna (guitar, vocals), and Ben Shapiro (drums). I thought I was listening to some Rilo Kiley or some kinda Euro indie pop group but whadya kno. If you’re into that, you might like Asobi Seksu (Nihongo for “playful sex”). Part pop, part manga, all music, the song featured below is titled “Goodbye” and is from their latest album Citrus.

PS: WTF is “eponymous” and WTF is that word doing out on Asobe Seksu’s wiki page???

Boring Boring Black Friday

25 11 2007

Contrary to what the picture below makes you think, this was possibly the worst Black Friday deals I’ve ever seen. Most of the prices of electronics could barely be called deals compared to previous years. The only good thing about it all was that the Wii was available but ran out as expected by the time yours truly got out of bed. Got up too late due to a combination of fatigue from playing football earlier in the afternoon on the previous day (Thursday), turkey and a whole lotta eating, and … beer.

But I was able to snag an ultra slim and stylish red Casio Exilim EX-Z75 digital camera for my girlfriend and a 2GB SD card from Circuit City. There were no $5 50-Pack CD-Rs and $99 500GB Western Digital External Hard-drives anywhere anymore. Those purveyors of all things electronics had nothing left because an unprecedented number of shoppers crowded stores at open around 4-6am in the morning on Friday and took off with everything. The depressed sales numbers for the entire year were finally met BUT not at retail prices.

All the while, the N800 continued to elude me. Nowhere in sight at local retail stores. $199 on Friday at and $199.99 on Saturday which culminated to a rather boring Black Friday.

What do you think of eBay bots?

19 11 2007

eBay bots are designed to snipe in bids at given times or time intervals or outbid moments. Usually they bid on behalf of a real buyer for an item 1-2 seconds before the end time. Scammers use bots to scour eBay for $0.01 objects to purchase to build up their reputation before selling something that doesn’t exist for a lot of money. These bots are free and there are already many websites that  peddle this type of service. All that is needed is for a legit eBay user to create an account with them and point it to a product and set the bidding parameters. Personally, they’re annoying.

Why are small town cops useless?

19 11 2007

All the time we hear horror stories about cops and their power-trips. Sometimes, they get inhumanely excusably violent and other times, they exhibit a lack of common sense in their judgment. I’m glad I didn’t fall into the former category but I did get pulled over on Saturday late afternoon by a cop in a black Charger out in the middle of nowhere aka Clara City – Minnesota.


The Location: I was driving down south on Highway MN-23 towards Granite Falls and then later down to Marshall, Minnesota. Hwy 23’s posted speed limit goes from 55-65 mph depending on where you are and I was cruising just fine at 60 mph when we saw a sign that said “Reduced Speed Ahead” right by the “CLARA CITY – population 1393.” So I cut off the cruise and started applying brakes. 45 mph said the speed posted. 1 block later 40 mph. I was traveling at a “fast” speed of 44 mph. 2 blocks ahead was a sign that said 30 mph but I only noticed that just as I was passing it. The strange thing is this town is roughly 6 blocks along the highway and had 3 different posted signs and not a soul in sight. When you enter it’s 45, then 40, then 30. Just as I was about to slow down, I see lights flashing off a handsome looking black Dodge Charger on my rear-view.


The Encounter: I pull over and the cop takes his sweet time of roughly 2 minutes and comes strolling out to the Hyundai Tiburon. I hand over the license and proof of insurance. He hands me back the insurance card and asks me if I knew why I was being pulled over. I offered “was I speeding Officer?” as my answer to which he agreed and added that I was driving 45 mph on a 30 mph zone. I told him I didn’t see the sign until it was too late and “was just about to slow down” when he came out of hiding.


Cop Lies: He ignored my feeble but honest excuse and then lied to substantiate his power over me by making the accusation that I drove past THREE 30 mph signs. Neither my girlfriend or I could recall THREE SIGNS because at 45 mph on an empty street with no signs of life, all the little things come into focus and we only saw ONE sign that had the “30 mph” posted. The only reason we almost missed it was because it was only like 150 ft away from the 40 mph sign. Didn’t expect one so fast right away like that. They couldn’t possibly have fitted in TWO other 30 mph signposts in between. This didn’t add up but at the time I gave him the benefit of the doubt since he was an “officer of the law” and I didn’t want to end up on one of those COPS videos.


Then he made a comment on our clothes to which I tell him that we were headed out to my former boss’ wedding (and were getting late) over in Marshall before he made a retreat to his car. Late that night when we drove back through the same town, we counted the signs and there was only ONE 30 mph sign post.

Click here to view the Clara City map and location where I was pulled over.


Common sense isn’t very common: Here’s the deal. While we were pulled over, there was a 40 mph sign about 1-2 blocks ahead of me. If I’d gone 1-2 blocks further down at the same speed which is like 3-7 seconds, I would once again be at the right speed limit. The cop had my license for a good 10 or more minutes before he came out again and handed me a $142 speeding citation. He told me that he gave me the maximum speeding fine for going 15 above the posted limit and that I could pay the fine, go to court and appeal it, or sign-up to go to a driving school down by Clara City for $75 which would take away the speeding incident from my driving record. The whole time, he kept repeating “You understand?” after every few words as though I had a hearing impediment. I can take (racist) bullshit like that from white people but not when they’re looking down at me and taking advantage of me financially at the same time.



Heartless Cops in Small Towns: For a first time speeder, how could they even have the heart to give out the maximum fine. The streets were empty and devoid of any traffic stop lights or stop signs. We were heading to a wedding traveling over TWO HOURS south and were tired and weary. This instantly gives out a bad experience to any traveler who decides to go through small towns including the girlfriend and I.


Do understand that throughout the encounter with the cop, I was very respectful in my words and actions AND I complied with everything he said. That being said, I just didn’t think he would dole-out a fine to somebody who has never ever been pulled over for speeding. I’ve seen COPS a million times where officers let first time offenders off the hook if it’s something minor. In some cases, when there’s a safety law broken, the kids are let go off with a verbal. It did not quite translate to that in my case unfortunately.


Good Cop Bad Cop: The real duty of cops are to ensure safety in communities by enforcing the law. As human beings, cops should use common sense to base their actions while policing the neighborhood.


A good cop would let me off the hook with no fine other than a verbal/written warning because he/she knows that once I’ve been reminded of the law, I should be fearful of the rules of that town and the subsequent towns I will have to drive through. All that would stem from the fact that I was respectful towards the police officer, I complied with their demands, and I accepted my fault. To add to it, I was not a threat to anybody since the streets were vacant and there were no traffic lights or stop signs. A violation in the future will ensure I get a ticket for knowingly breaking the law.


A bad cop does his job down to the detail. 14 mph is close enough to 15 mph so slapping the maximum fine of $142 is fair game to them along with a few lies here and there to strengthen their case to the frightened victim.


Disillusionment: Uniform clad law enforcement officials quite often attempt to create a stark contrast in division among people. The small mistakes made by citizens are made punishable to the extent that it creates resentment and disillusionment towards authority which can lead to bigger problems in the future. No wonder why many people hate cops. It is my simple belief that the actions of a few affect many and in my case, the “bad cops” are a shame to the majority of the cops who are honest, hardworking, good folks who’re doing their job to make their community safer and better.


Personal Opinion: To be honest, I don’t have a shard of respect left for the officer who gave me the $142 citation. He saw TWO well dressed Asians in a shiny nice looking sports car from “the cities” and the male driver was very courteous and a possible easy push-over so must’ve automatically thought “rich Asian kids” to justify the guilt trip he might face later on. All I can say is I hope his karma catches up on him someday but I will make sure to put the CITY of CLARA (population 1393) in Minnesota on my list as one of the places to never go back or even pass by again (other than the “driving class” program I have to attend). A police officer is an official representative of his town/city and I felt this one brought out a very negative image of Clara.


Questions: If cops do not exercise a gray area for enforcing the law, do we even need human cops? Are robots/cyborgs better alternatives to the current law enforcement teams once the technology is viable because they could do the same job cheaper and more efficient?

Minnesota bent by Beckham

12 11 2007

Just a short piece here on the semi-pro Minnesota Thunder soccer team against the MLS professional team LA Galaxy featuring the right-foot of England’s over-hyped David Beckham. Once LA Galaxy was knocked out of the MLS Playoffs, their game against Minnesota initially scheduled for February was re-charted for this past weekend. Yesterday. Sunday the 11th on Veteran’s Day right here in Minneapolis at the 66K capacity Metrodome Stadium.

Saw the game at the Metrodome with a bunch of friends and boy did Minnesota push LA to their limits. LA in fact was outplayed and outfought for most of the game by the industrious hard fighting Minnesotan team but it was LA who opened the scoring.

First I’d like to point out that the kick-off was scheduled for 5:30 pm but all the singing and marching around on the field by kids and vets and other ppl gobbled up a good 45 minutes before #23 wearing the white jersey, reminiscent of his former team Real Madrid, could touch the ball. LA had Beckham taking the free kick every single time and that was the only name the commentator could remember. Everybody else was just “Galaxy” or “Thunder” haha. Must be humiliating to play for LA and have all the spot light and money go to just one person.

We were on the right side, Gate F, Section 127 and on the 5th Row right up-close to the action but for prolonged periods of time, all the action was on the other end. Minnesota was attacking wave after wave on the Galaxy goal area but out of nowhere, Beckham got the ball and floated (or bent) one in the box for a LA player to get to the end of the ball who slot it easily past the blundering keeper. If the Thunder’s goalie had jumped out to punch away the ball, that goal would never had happened. But the goal keeper was celebrity struck and the ball slid past his hapless outstretched hands. We were able to witness the goal on our end so it was a bitter sweet moment.

The 2nd half was pretty much the same. The throngs of young female high schoolers screaming for David Beckham was the same and the occasional catcalls flew around. LA started getting equal number of possession of the ball but Minnesota attacked more frequently so that meant we were seeing more of the ball on our end this time. And whadya know. We SCORED!!! Perfect short-pass play between the guys and which is what Minn shoulda been doing the whole time resulting in a terrific goal. The best part was we witnessed both goals on our end.

Beckham came off shortly after. He was recently drafted back into the England squad because of a number of high profile injuries to the squad and was scheduled to fly back to the UK that evening. His replacement was more athletic but could do little to stop the rampaging Thunder from mounting non-stop attacks. Mis-kicking in front of goal by Thunder players and the lucky graces of the Californian team’s keeper saved the professional side’s blushes.

1-1 at the end of regulation time. No extra-time. Surprising. Beckham still hanging around. Even more surprising. LA beat us on a penalty shoot-out. Not shocked at all. $22 for 5th row seats is an awesome deal. Yes. Beckham took off his jersey and was paraded around the field like an exotic animal. Pretty sick. All the little girls were up screaming his name and more girls were rushing back into the stadium seats snapping pics and yelling more. Chaotic. We left. Hehe. Oh and did I tell you beer was $10? Rip-off!