Frozen Pizza = Cheap Shit

1 11 2007

In the wake of all this dour financial outlook to life with stocks tumbling faster than customers rushing to the nearest restrooms after consuming Taco Bells, running news from the television tells me that a Minnesota company, General Mills, is involved in E.Coli-tainted meat in frozen pizzas. KSTP/Channel 5 News blew out this piece of stinky news. The brands of frozen pizzas involved are JENO’S and TOTITNO’S for all you cheap pizza lovers.

Since July to October 2007, 21 incidents in 10 States showed E.Coli contamination in certain JENO’S and TOTINO’S frozen pizzas. The most common cases were with Pepperoni and some combination of Pepperoni. There are 4 known cases of kidney failures including 1 from our Corn and Cheese producing neighbor, Wisconsin. Supposedly, General Mills ran investigations and tests into their product lines and came up with no traces of E.Coli anywhere. So looks like they flushed out their crap down to the consumers. It’s found at almost any grocery store including Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, and Target stores.

So you wanna watch out for Totino’s pizzas starting with UPC code 42800 and 35300 for Jeno’s pizzas. I checked my Totino’s I got from a friend who came over to watch football and to my horror, the code matched. FAAAAK!

And it’s freaky to know that I almost ate it last night. Came down with a sore throat which is spreading in this region like the fires in California and I’m so glad I decided to go for the better D’Giorno’s Pizza instead. Time for me to take it to Cub Foods because that’s where my friend bought it from.

Tell-tale symptons of E.Coli in your body would be diarrhea, stomach cramps, (possibly dizziness and light-headed), and other abdominal conditions. So GO AND RETURN OR TRASH YOUR PIZZAS!!!!!!! What is going on these days? Can they not make food without some kind of shitty compounds floating in them?




4 responses

2 11 2007

Oh no, totinos was my favorite college food next to ramyun….it’s so disgusting to think about! It’s so lucky you didn’t eat it ! You won’t see me eating that stuff again 😛

21 09 2008

A year too late… but I was just posting about how cool Totino’s is and googled for images…
Love Totino’s, E.Coli is nothing to fear. It seems to be really clean now 🙂

22 09 2008

The trick to not worry about E.Coli is to make sure you bake the pizza well. People who microwave them were the ones who ended up getting the E.Coli chop.

I’ve long switched over to Frescetta and DiGiorno but if I find Totino’s for $1, I’ll pick em up.

3 09 2009

Yeah, I’d say the same. Those things are crap. I’ve had them before when I was on my poor college kid lifestyle…I always felt like a failure buying the cheap pizzas that can only serve like 1 or 2 rather than the other delicious ones.

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