Quick updates on the Eee PC

1 11 2007

Upon closer inspection as revealed on this one Chinese website:

– The length and width of the Asus Eee PC are 6.5 x 9 inches.

– The overall plastic case of the device has a rather cheap finish on it.

– The touch-pad left/right buttons are on a rocker arm. This puts undue stress on that seesaw point possibly making it susceptible to breakage. The cheapy chintzy plastic material on the rocker arm further strengthens my point about this being a weak spot.

– The packaging box looks like crap. Maybe in Asia, that’s good stuff but we’re used to seeing plain brown but sturdy looking packaging.

An Engadget’s Chinese website shows that upon installing Windows XP (which is a watered down version instead of the regular XP we have), only 500 MB remains free from the 4GB. So Linux is the way to go.

Wikipedia confirmed that the processor used in the Eee PC is indeed the same used in the R2H-BH059T-3 as mentioned in my previous post which would be the Intel 900MHz Celeron M 353 processor.

Finally, an old review of a prototype from Slash Gear.




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