The new Eee PC available for purchase!

1 11 2007

Or not. Seems like ran out of stock of the new $400 Asus Eee PC which happens to be a mini laptop running with Xandros (Linux) as the operating system on some low-spec hardware. Alright, on the official website, it shows Ebay, Craigslist, Amazon, and Pricegrabber as places where you could purchase this Asus product. Personally, I couldn’t find it either on Amazon or Pricegrabber and it seems like they omitted Newegg for no reason at all. Originally, the Taiwan-based Asus tagged the Eee PC last year at an incredible low price of $200 but now we know that ain’t gonna happen BUT, there is a 2GB SSD (Hard Drive) option coming out late this November which should come out at $300 so it’s not too bad but then, it’s not good either. 2GB? Seriously. And here we thought 4GB was bad.

On the Eee PC website, the Eee PC is expected to support Microsoft Windows XP. In reality, it would be a pain in the butt to run Windows XP on what they offer especially since XP usually takes like 2GB space upon installation with all the drivers leaving the device with barely any space left to store your video clips, MP3s, etc. Vista? Don’t even try. You’ll kill the device haha.

Nowhere does it mention the real processor deets but if you look carefully, it says Intel M Processor in some while others only mention 900 MHz. I did a little digging around and have deep suspicions that the Eee PC gears up on the same processor as found on their ASUS R2H-BH059T-3 7″ Ultra Mobile PC‘s page. That, if you clicked reveals a 900 MHz “Ultra Low Voltage” Celeron M processor at the core of it’s similarly sized computing device. A “Celeron” processor? Mmm. Me no likey but for it’s price tag ($400), it’s far more attractive than anything else.

Unlike the more expensive R2H-BH059T-3, the Eee PC does not have a hard disk drive, instead it relyies on a new technology of having flash memory formatted/designed to run as a hard drive. No disks involved = less wear and tear = longer life = faster data transfers = less power consumption = expensive = wow. Well when I mean no disks involved, I meant it for having a standard optical disk drive like a CD-ROM or DVD player. Yup. You need an external device to run it on the Eee PC.

The 7″ (diagonal) size of the screen limits the resolution to 800 x 480 pixels so it’s not the greatest but what can you expect. One cool feature of this device is that it also comes with a webcam facing the user on the tubular hinge towards the right side above the screen.

Operating System: Xandros Linux (Windows XP compatible)
Processor: Intel 900MHz Celeron M
RAM: 512MB
Graphics Card: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900 GM (fancy word for shared integrated graphics card)
Hard Drive: 4GB SSD (Solid State Drive)
Networking: Ethernet LAN, Wireless B/G

Other specs inclue:
Puny 7″ screen size, 1 webcam, 3 USB ports, 1 VGA port (to connect to ext monitor), audio in/out, MMC and SD card reader slots, and a rather weak 4-cell 5300 mAh.

Here is a good review by PC Mag but they made a tiny glitch of putting out a “A/G” instead of “B/G” for it’s wireless hardware. One thing you’ll need to keep in mind is that you need to compare this to a PDA like a Palm Pilot or other portables like the similarly priced Apple iPod Touch. The OS should load up instantly (not quite like the defunct Palm Foleo) and the overall size of the Eee PC stacks up to around 3/5 or 3/4 of a regular laptop which brings the weight down to a mere 2 lbs.

My verdict is to get this thing. The ninja wants one but financial constraints means, it’ll have to wait behind the Wii and some other more important things in life. 😉 Also, can it Ubuntu???




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1 11 2007
Quick updates on the Eee PC « NinjaTales Blog

[…] the processor used in the Eee PC is indeed the same used in the R2H-BH059T-3 as mentioned in my previous post which would be the Intel 900MHz Celeron M 353 […]

3 11 2007
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