Boy wants parents dead …

6 11 2007

The concerned parents of a certain 16-year-old Cory Ryder hailing from Maryland hired an undercover cop to pose as a hit-man after their son made several death threats towards them. Unfortunately, the son did not get the memo and is now facing trial for juvy. The ninja blames both the parents and the son for this unpleasant predicament but then, they’re from the east coast so what can we expect?

Their crime: Taking away Cory’s Sony PlayStation (possibly PS3) and banning him from watchin TV for weeks. That’s rather harsh.

The excuse: Cory’s failing grades and delinquent behavior.

Cory’s Crime: Being stupid enough to believe that a contract killer would magically pop-out to offer his services right after Cory’s death threats. Also, being stupid enough to think a hit-man’s going to accept the pick-up truck of the murdered victim as payment. Even our clueless president will have no trouble connecting the dots. Worst of all, killing your parents? How’re you going to survive when you’re just a kid?

The excuse: There is no excuse for such stupidity.

The Moral of the Story: Stupid people without Play Stations will turn to Kill Stations. Give them their PS3 and keep them happy. 🙂

Read the whole story here.




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