Minnesota bent by Beckham

12 11 2007

Just a short piece here on the semi-pro Minnesota Thunder soccer team against the MLS professional team LA Galaxy featuring the right-foot of England’s over-hyped David Beckham. Once LA Galaxy was knocked out of the MLS Playoffs, their game against Minnesota initially scheduled for February was re-charted for this past weekend. Yesterday. Sunday the 11th on Veteran’s Day right here in Minneapolis at the 66K capacity Metrodome Stadium.

Saw the game at the Metrodome with a bunch of friends and boy did Minnesota push LA to their limits. LA in fact was outplayed and outfought for most of the game by the industrious hard fighting Minnesotan team but it was LA who opened the scoring.

First I’d like to point out that the kick-off was scheduled for 5:30 pm but all the singing and marching around on the field by kids and vets and other ppl gobbled up a good 45 minutes before #23 wearing the white jersey, reminiscent of his former team Real Madrid, could touch the ball. LA had Beckham taking the free kick every single time and that was the only name the commentator could remember. Everybody else was just “Galaxy” or “Thunder” haha. Must be humiliating to play for LA and have all the spot light and money go to just one person.

We were on the right side, Gate F, Section 127 and on the 5th Row right up-close to the action but for prolonged periods of time, all the action was on the other end. Minnesota was attacking wave after wave on the Galaxy goal area but out of nowhere, Beckham got the ball and floated (or bent) one in the box for a LA player to get to the end of the ball who slot it easily past the blundering keeper. If the Thunder’s goalie had jumped out to punch away the ball, that goal would never had happened. But the goal keeper was celebrity struck and the ball slid past his hapless outstretched hands. We were able to witness the goal on our end so it was a bitter sweet moment.

The 2nd half was pretty much the same. The throngs of young female high schoolers screaming for David Beckham was the same and the occasional catcalls flew around. LA started getting equal number of possession of the ball but Minnesota attacked more frequently so that meant we were seeing more of the ball on our end this time. And whadya know. We SCORED!!! Perfect short-pass play between the guys and which is what Minn shoulda been doing the whole time resulting in a terrific goal. The best part was we witnessed both goals on our end.

Beckham came off shortly after. He was recently drafted back into the England squad because of a number of high profile injuries to the squad and was scheduled to fly back to the UK that evening. His replacement was more athletic but could do little to stop the rampaging Thunder from mounting non-stop attacks. Mis-kicking in front of goal by Thunder players and the lucky graces of the Californian team’s keeper saved the professional side’s blushes.

1-1 at the end of regulation time. No extra-time. Surprising. Beckham still hanging around. Even more surprising. LA beat us on a penalty shoot-out. Not shocked at all. $22 for 5th row seats is an awesome deal. Yes. Beckham took off his jersey and was paraded around the field like an exotic animal. Pretty sick. All the little girls were up screaming his name and more girls were rushing back into the stadium seats snapping pics and yelling more. Chaotic. We left. Hehe. Oh and did I tell you beer was $10? Rip-off!




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