What do you think of eBay bots?

19 11 2007

eBay bots are designed to snipe in bids at given times or time intervals or outbid moments. Usually they bid on behalf of a real buyer for an item 1-2 seconds before the end time. Scammers use bots to scour eBay for $0.01 objects to purchase to build up their reputation before selling something that doesn’t exist for a lot of money. These bots are free and there are already many websites that  peddle this type of service. All that is needed is for a legit eBay user to create an account with them and point it to a product and set the bidding parameters. Personally, they’re annoying.




2 responses

27 10 2008

bots are dildo

28 06 2011
dan luckman

They annoy me so much, being a semi pro Ebayer, they really get on my nerves :/ Free Mac

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