Boring Boring Black Friday

25 11 2007

Contrary to what the picture below makes you think, this was possibly the worst Black Friday deals I’ve ever seen. Most of the prices of electronics could barely be called deals compared to previous years. The only good thing about it all was that the Wii was available but ran out as expected by the time yours truly got out of bed. Got up too late due to a combination of fatigue from playing football earlier in the afternoon on the previous day (Thursday), turkey and a whole lotta eating, and … beer.

But I was able to snag an ultra slim and stylish red Casio Exilim EX-Z75 digital camera for my girlfriend and a 2GB SD card from Circuit City. There were no $5 50-Pack CD-Rs and $99 500GB Western Digital External Hard-drives anywhere anymore. Those purveyors of all things electronics had nothing left because an unprecedented number of shoppers crowded stores at open around 4-6am in the morning on Friday and took off with everything. The depressed sales numbers for the entire year were finally met BUT not at retail prices.

All the while, the N800 continued to elude me. Nowhere in sight at local retail stores. $199 on Friday at and $199.99 on Saturday which culminated to a rather boring Black Friday.




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