Klone Nokla N95

29 11 2007

Just noticed this on eBay while checking up on prices of the N95. Apparently, this is a “NEW klone NOKIA N95 Touchscreen DualBand” and some idiot already has a bid which starts out at $299.99 + $9.99 for shipping and handling. Don’t people do research when buying a product that’s over $100??? I previously wrote an article about peddlers on eBay/Craigslist trying to sell fake Nokias as the real thing. I guess the person is either rich, a person trying to raise the bid just for kicks, a complete buffoon. Here’s the page. The seller made every possible attempt to advise potential buyers that this is a fake but there’s always the few that go beyond reason.

Here’s why alarm bells should have rung inside the head of the bidder:

1. The picture says “nokla n95” instead of “NOKIA N95” and don’t even bother with the font.

2. It’s a “touchscreen” Nokia phone. Currently there are NO touchscreen Nokia phones. The only Nokias with touch-screens are the internet tables (770, 800, 810, etc) but Nokia is looking to have that feature in future phones.

3. Those quirky printed icons on the bottom of the screen visible in the 2nd pic on the page.

4. The first line under the description section says “This is not the original Nokia N95 phone, this is replica Nokia N95 (made in China)

5. Camera is 1-2 MP instead of 5. All phones these days have 1-2MP and they can be snagged for under 100 bucks.

6. Furthermore, the seller presents a list of why this isn’t the real deal.
The difference between the replica one and the real is;
The replica slides 1 way, and the real 2 way.
The replica has a touch screen and the real one does not.
The replica is less expensive than real one.
The replica has the user friendly touch screen, which people love and is easier to use.
A lot of people prefer the touch screen!

As the saying goes, a fool and his money are soon …




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29 11 2007
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8 10 2008
stacy hewit

fake ones does not work in america i gotthe real one here for a pretty low price http://hotcellphonesonline.com/

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