The return of Knight Rider

30 11 2007

According to Jalopnik, a credible source revealed/confirmed that the new and upcoming Knight Rider movie is casting the Ford Shelby GT500KR as the new K.I.T.T. and thus goes away GM’s dominance of pushing their wares on every movie featuring a car for this millennia. There were rumors previously about Ford’s role in the upcoming remake (movie) of the classic tv show but we finally have pictures. Below is the original Knight Rider “ride” decked out in all it’s Pontiac Trans-Am glory before the brand became diluted into manufacturing plasticky ruffled up cars.

If you were old enough to remember watching the hit 80’s corny show Knight Rider starring David “the Hoff” Hasselhoff of Baywatch fame, K.I.T.T (the car) was a black Pontiac Trans-Am with a horizontally moving set of red lights. KITT was the SHIT back then. He could listen in conversations of bad guys, do x-ray and thermal scans, had radar, missile packs, and could even fly. Wow what a car. Cheesy lines were at their premium and the Hoff never stopped trying to race other regular cars with his super duper KITT. All that and the campy theme music together made a great team.

Now we have the angry looking GT500KR as KITT. I think KARR (KITT’s arch nemesis) would be perfect as a Mustang but somehow, KITT just doesn’t seem like a Mustang in my opinion. I mean Ford’s sports car is a sweet ride for any ninja but it just cant seem to emulate the futuristic-looking sports car that was Trans-Am back in the day. A Dodge Viper or a Chevy Z06 would make a better looking KITT. Even the Infiniti G35 (Nissan Skyline) would be a better fit in my opinion.

But picking the Mustang might just do the trick. The Hoff was quite the schmuck in his car so finding a driver with a similar mindset for a Mustang should be no problem. But then again, I’m not really digging those gray stripes down the middle. KITT was all black and that’s how it should be. So the question remains:

1. Are those photoshopped images?

2. Who will play “Michael Knight” the driver?

3. Will they get rid of those silly Cobra badges from KITT?

4. How many more corny lines can they reuse from the old series?

5. Is Gary Coleman going to make an appearance again? He still looks the same.



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