Liberals are Hippies and Conservatives are Terrorists

1 12 2007

That’s the general consensus I get when I think about broad stereotypes in the grand American political spectrum. Conservatives (or Republican supporters) usually taunt libs (aka liberals) as “hippies” which is true in some sense but the most liberals can do is call conservatives “greedy” or something childish. In essence, very poor attempts by the hapless libs is all I can think of.

To tackle on my title, there’s a disturbing trend I’ve noticed with conservatives and that is their weird fascination with a love for weapons and killing living creatures. Of course, we are talking about very broad generalizations in both liberals and conservatives. Not all liberals are hippies and not all conservatives like to kill things. It’s jus the extreme left and right which seem to bring out all the negatives in either ideology.

There are quite a few left-leaning famous personalities assassinated by right-wing zealots. As far as I can remember, it goes back to the days of Abe Lincoln and on with the Kennedy’s and on and on and now recently, the lunatic who placed explosives in Hillary Clinton’s campaign offices and unsuccessfully tried to lure Hillary there. There was that gun-control US Attorney also. Then how about the homegrown “white” terrorist – Ryan Anderson – who is a Bush supporter and was getting deployed to Iraq but at the same time, was plotting to spill military tactics to the enemy. The strong destructive element in right-wing zealots needs to be kept in check. Send them to mental asylums or Guantanamo Bay or some boot camp. Boot Camp would be perfect since most of them like to picture themselves as soldiers but when it comes to the real stuff, they back out of it instead putting up yellow ribbon or stars n stripes stickers made in Communistic China. Very patriotic but clearly not in their right minds.

So what is it really with conservatives and weapons and all that crap? Is it fine to assume that most politically conservative leaning folks out here have some sort of mental imbalance that makes them want to prefer violence measures over peace? Anything to do with helping the community is looked upon with deep suspicion. There’s an old saying that the guy who farts usually is the first one to smell it. If you’re knee deep in corrupt behavior, you’re most likely to assume that everybody else’s intentions are similar to yours.

Now with all the scary shit that cops and the government does, I’m feeling more pro-gun than ever but then the thought of actual psychos or conservatives owning guns makes me queasy and go back into the gun-control faction. I’d like to see sensible and caring people owning guns. Lack of gun control is why idiots keep popping innocent people around this nation. It’s like handing over WMDs to the Iranian President, Ahmenadijad (sic). Sorry. Just a rant.

One more question. Why do conservatives always look like the typical schmuck? I (and most of my friends) can usually spot them a mile away even if we’ve never met them before. Strange how that works out.




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1 12 2007
Liberals are Hippies and Conservatives are Terrorists

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5 04 2011

I do believe that most libs do come from the hippie (woodstock) mentality. I’ll admit I am not a wordsmith but the typical lib mentality scares me. I believe this (USA) country was much stronger back when the Libs didn’t have so much of a talking point. Does that make it right? I don’t know. But once everything became PC the fiber of this country began to crumble. It is what it is!

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