Lying Cops and the Driver Awareness Program

13 12 2007

So sometime early December, I had to drive 2 hours south west of my location to the “City of Clara City” to attend a “Driver Awareness Program” which should effectively cancel the $142 speeding ticket of going 14-15 MPH over the speed limit.

My previous argument was that I was lied to by a law-abiding police officer and because it would be my first speeding infraction, I should be given a verbal or a written warning with no fines involved. The 40MPH to 30MPH signs were 1 small-town block apart giving most drivers almost no room to slow down unless he/she knows the placement of the signs or is an overly restrictive driver.

So drove down to the same town and I was RIGHT again! This is the 2nd time I checked to verify and there was only ONE sign that said 30MPH. That cop who pulled me over said I blew past 3 signs proclaiming the 30 mile speed limit. What a fat liar and he still had the cheek to write me a ticket at the maximum value.

The driving awareness instructor was a pretty cool person. Mid-50’s and older and teaching over at SouthWest State University, we went through a lot of the basic stuff in driving and half the crowd I was in was clueless about those rules. After the lengthy course, I spoke to him about my ticket and even he was surprised by the actions of the cop. Nuff said. I drove home and took a picture of the road. Came out looking kinda cool. At the bottom, you can see the red LCD screen of my radar detector.

Next time a cop pulls me over for speeding and issues me a full ticket, I’m going to quip out something like “How were the doughnuts?” to which he might say “Say again?” and I’d be like “You took an awful long time. Thought you were having a full course police meal.” Cops like that only create more animosity with the people which makes it a bitter sweet moment for people like myself when we hear tragedy striking cops on duty. You’re supposed to feel sorry and get all sad or something but idiotic police habits have eroded most of my trust in them over the years.




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