DEAL OF THE DAY! N800 for $180 (Expires Today)

19 12 2007

That’s right. This deal is even sweeter than the “Black Friday” ($199 and free s&h) and “Cyber Monday” ($199.99 and free s&h) deal. The retail price for this baby swings from $230-$255 and that’s not including tax and/or shipping fees. Right now over at, there are NO shipping fees and NO taxes. WYSIWYG! (or what you see is what you get for those who don’t know) $179.99 is the new price for the Nokia N800 and the price could not be right(er).

Oh and one more thing. The deal ends today! (Sorry. OUT OF STOCK) So what’re you waiting for? Get your Santa hats on and buy one of those awesome “internet tablets” from those Finnish masters. And I just read an article about Nokia allowing you to upgrade the OS on the N800 to the new Maemo OS2008 found on the newer N810.






2 responses

22 12 2007

I snagged one just to pwn it off on ebay.

14 01 2008
N800 … hand’s on that shiny thang « NinjaTales Blog

[…] 4 01 2008 Quick review on the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet. So after the big sale mentioned in a previous post on the N800, managed to convince my boss to purchase one as a VoIP device. It got there a day or so […]

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