Healthcare Associates JUNK Email

17 01 2008

You would think an email from Healthcare Associates would go straight into your Inbox folder in your email. Been getting quite a few emails from HACU (Healthcare Associates Credit Union) in the past few days all going straight to the “Junk” folder. Strange for me to receive their emails since I’m not a member but Kaci is. Enabled the content just to see what was going on with it.

Looks perfectly normal. The “FROM” looks good, the names are spelled correctly. The email address looks legit. The graphics all look good. Right? Not quite. Usually when you have a blank “TO” portion, things might not be right. Also, when I put my cursor over the “CLICK HERE” portion, on my “status bar”, I was shown another website ( instead of HACU.ORG which would be the real deal.

The “Status Bar” is a real life preserver in most phishing (ie. online scam) cases because you don’t really have to click on the link to find out where it’s going to take you. You can choose to right-click on the suspicious link and click below on “properties” to see where it’ll take you but having the “Status Bar” saves you that extra bit of energy and time. So enable your “status bar” and it should be under VIEW > STATUS BAR to get it running on the bottom portion of your web-browser.

I opened a new tab on my Firefox2 web-browser and went to to see what’s up and found out that they’d posted this notice:

Security Alert- January 14, 2008

Members and Non-Members may have received an e-mail or phone call that “appears” to be from HealthCare Associates Credit Union. This is an e-mail/phone fraud attempt designed by hackers to obtain your personal information. The e-mail has a link that sends you to a site similar to our Internet Branch site or a phone number to call and requests you to supply your debit card information. We urge you not to follow the links or enter any account information over the internet or phone.

We are commited to safeguarding your personal information and it is important that your account stays secure. The e-mail addresses and phone numbers used in the scam were not obtained from HealthCare Associates Credit Union. We will never initiate calls or e-mails requesting your personal or account information.

If you have any questions, or if you have given out any personal information on this fraudulent site or phone system, please contact us immediately at 630.276.5555 or 800.942.0158 (outside Chicagoland).

So please be aware everybody. If an email tells you to renew your personal information or anything that requires you to re-enter your personal id stuff, DO NOT click on the LINK. Rather open a new window or tab on your browser and go to the official website like “” or “” and login how you normally would to see if you have any updates there or reminders.

Thank you and have a good night.




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17 01 2008
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