In China, CCTV owns joo!

23 01 2008

According to Reuters, a CCTV (closed circuit tv – security camera) operator in Shanghai China called his buddies over for a LIVE video of a couple making out at a subway station. Somehow, it was recorded and leaked out to the internet in the form of the ever so reliable YouTube and some other video sharing websites. The couple are now looking at legal options against the operator.

China is well known for spying on their own citizens through all means. They started out in the electronic age with the CCTV and strangely enough, even their most popular tv station goes by the same name (but it probably stands for “Closed China Television”). So you walk on the streets, there’s CCTV, you go home and turn on the TV and there’s CCTV again. So in conclusion, we can admit that in China, CCTV owns joo (pronounced YOU)!




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