27 01 2008

Just came to the sad realization that I missed the airing of the final 2-episodes of Chuck on NBC last Thursday, Jan 24th. Nah not that retard from Texas Walker Ranger or the sadistic possessed doll. So, before the WGA (writers guild association) came out with their strike, 2 more episodes for the first season of the Nerd Herder CHUCK made it to production but for some reason was not included until last week on the schedule. It’s almost like the producers said – “Whoops. We looks like we forgot to include the final 2 episodes.” and then brought them two out over a month after they were due.

Season 1 for Heroes and Chuck both ended prematurely because of the strike but rumors of those 2 episodes had me all excited and now it’s gone. WAIT.

You can still watch those episodes on NBC’s website online – Episodes 112 Chuck Versus The Undercover Lover and Episode 113 Chuck Versus The Marlin. Of course, there are commercials placed within the show but the good thing is you can know when one’s coming up because on the time display scroll thing, there’s little indentations to let you know. The one thing I never quite got about Chuck is why he never got the “flashes” when he came face to face with Agents Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski) and John Casey (Adam Baldwin). Well it’s a funny show nonetheless.



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