2000: The Age of Ignorance?

6 02 2008

It’s hard to make out much of this millennium other than the attacks of 9-11, war in Afganistan, tightening of “homeland security” projects and a splurging on weapons, war in Iraq, lack of WMDs found, Republican scandals rocking the news back-to-back every few months ranging from corruption and bribery to adultery and misuse of power, the constant use of the terms “God Bless America” to justify one’s patriotism regardless of real intent, the recession, sky-high unemployment coupled with loss of jobs to nations overseas, increased violent crimes within our nation, the negative tagging of “flip-flopping” to Democratic contenders to the White House in 2004, worsening international diplomatic relations, the constant theme of “you’re with us or against us” floating around everywhere in the media, the “liberal” media when it’s actually used to broadcast “conservative” values, the hanging of the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein who was a good way to balance out the mid-east because of his perennial hatred towards the ultra-conservative Iran, …

Not a happy picture at all. Today we are in a seat to choose whether we want to drive the same car that gave us all those problems or try out something different. Something that can bring back the good memories of the roaring ’90s. Sometimes, it takes quite a bit to jolt people back into their senses and maybe we can all forget the dark 2000s with a change in leadership.

Looking at the Republican line-up, John McCain is in the lead to head the nomination for the GOP. If we look back in the 2000 elections where Bush Jr was up against McCain, Bush was able to take out McCain with all the negative advertising done back then claiming McCain was too liberal and questioning his patriotism (similar to John Kerry’s situation in 2004). Voters flocked over to Bush’s koolaid and landed us in this fine mess. So in 8 years, have the people who voted against McCain forgotten their hatred towards him? Are they hailing him as the new hero? I wonder who’s flip-flopping now or is flip-flopping actually a good thing?

When you think about it, Right-Whiners are always whining about wanting to “stay the same” but what were they doing when the government they voted for made all the changes that have left us in this current situation.

My conclusion is that if you blindly take a politicians words for the truth, you are a most probably a “conservative” and in essence, a Republican. All politicians use sugar coated words during their speeches along with a fair bit of acting and role playing. We know this but why do people always fall for their lies? We should all know now that the right-whiner party is extremely adept in the arts of media manipulation so why should we take their words for granted?

Somethings right-whiners need to observe:
– Jobs moved overseas under Republican Congress and White House.
– Improvement of the economies of the nations that got those jobs.
– People in those nations are now switching to cars due to their prosperity.
– Energy costs back at home, are sky rocketing due to shortage of supply versus demand.

I’m seeing a lot of fingers being pointed at the now Democratic Congress for the follies of a Republican led Congress and White House. Isn’t that moronic?

When Congress looks for ways to make our domestic automakers more competitive in the global market by forcing them to make more fuel efficient cars and investing in R&D, the folks out in the Republican Red corner believe that’s a BAD move.

When Congress is looking for ways to lower insurance costs for citizens by undoing the damage set by the Republican led government who allowed those companies to trample on hospitals and doctors thus affecting the citizens, the folks out in the Republican Red corner believe that’s a BAD move.

When Congress tries to make our nation more efficient by advising us to purchase CFL bulbs instead of the standard inefficient and short-life-spanned incandescent bulb, the folks out in the Republican Red corner believe that’s a BAD move. Why is it a BAD move? Will switching from regular light bulbs to CFL mean we are abandoning our heritage? Maybe we should get rid of GPS, the internet, HDTV cuz those sure did change our lifestyles over the years. Switching to more energy efficient lighting is important these days because households nowadays use more electronic devices than ever ranging from power hungry HDTVs to powerful computers running resource hungry OS (operating systems) like Vista and Mac OS X. We can’t afford to have black-outs here.

Then the boys in the Red corner say “We can’t afford Congress anymore” because the truth is we really can’t afford Congress if we do NOT make the changes soon. In fact, we might not be able to afford anything at the rate this inflation is kicking in. Interest rates are lower than ever, inflation is high, the government wants you to save money for a retirement, yet they also want you to spend money. This is more than a simple case of flip-flop in my opinion but take it however way you see fit.

To summarize it all, the boys in the Red corner believe that innovation and technology are a waste of time and money. If there’s something wrong and can’t be fixed by bombing other nations, then it can’t be fixed. Hence the defeatist mentality of many Republicans but they are more than happy to shoulder the blame on their “liberal” counterparts as well as the “defeatist” tag. As in the case of the current economy, for some reason, the blame goes to the “liberals” even if the problems were created by the direct actions of the “conservative” government.

Are people getting dumber or do they just have a very short memory span? McCain from unpatriotic villain to GOP savior? The depressed economy of 2000s under a Republican government and still some people seem to support those very same people? There’s so much more that can be added but truth be told, people hate to read long blogs and for that, this rant ends now with a question – 2000: The Age of Ignorance?




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