German teenie boppers love “Monsoon”

19 02 2008

So I’d never heard of them before or seen em on TV and the vocals confused me. KC thought it was a chick. Then we saw the video and we were like “oh you’re right it was a chick!” haha. Looks like a goth version of Fergie I said. Found them when I was downloading random samples of songs over the internet and I’d say their hit “Monsoon” or better known in Germany as “Durch den Monsun” (translated ~ Through the Monsoon) is a mix between Nirvana and modern day rock.

So we were wrong. It’s a dude afterall. Bill Kaulitz. Even though he looked like a “she” in this music video and in others. He even sports a french manicure and poses very femininely. Strange. Well that’s his choice I guess. Feel free to find other vids of “Tokio Hotel” over YouTube with half of them revolving around the gay-brother controversy which only seems to make them more popular. Strange.

Tokio Hotel consists of 4 German teenagers – Bill (vocals) and Tom Kaulitz (guitars), Georg Listing (bass), and Gustav Schafer (drums). The band was named after Bill’s love for Tokyo and that’s about it.



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27 03 2008
myname is not steph


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