HJ-Split will Split Anything!

25 02 2008

Ever been in a situation where you wanted to copy this large video file (example 700MB) on your computer and move it to another machine but you only have a 512MB jump drive / flash drive / thumb drive?

Well look no further than the HJ-Split. Download it and split your files with ease. You can break the video into 2 files… 500MB and 200MB and transfer them with your 512MB memory stick. Then you rejoin those files with the same software and you have your video in one piece painlessly. Oh and did I mention it’s FREE?!


  1. Run HJ-Split
  2. Click on “Split”
  3. Click on “Input File”
  4. Select the file you wish to split up
  5. Choose the size of the file. In the case of the above example, you want to set it to “500” Mbytes. If you put in “300”, you will have 3 files with the first 2 set to 300MB and the last one at 100MB size.
  6. Click “Start”

Open the location of the files. By default, it should create the split files in the same folder as where you had the file you wanted to break. These files will have .001, .002, and so forth as extensions.

Let’s say you transferred the files individually to the desired location (example another computer) and now you want to join them so that the file is reusable or operational…

  1. Click “Join”
  2. Select the first file and that should be the one with the .001 extension at the end.
  3. Hit “Start”

Your file is ready and you can now delete the .001, .002, etc files.




2 responses

5 04 2008

omg.. good work, man

27 04 2008

More easy with MegaSplit
( http://byakugan.altervista.org/ )

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