Google chats with AIM

14 03 2008

It appears that Google has successfully teamed up with AOL to allow for cross-chatting activities. As of today, when you log onto your Gmail (Google Mail), you get a small blurb asking you if you want to access your AIM list on your GoogleChat list.

Just so you know, if you use Gmail on your browser (Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer), anyone you come in correspondence with will automatically be added to your “contacts” list to your left. If it’s located too low on your screen, you can click on “settings” and then “chat”. Then on the 2nd line, select the “ABOVE” option and it’s right below the INBOX section. Back to the contacts. If the person you’ve emailed or have received emails from (who also uses Gmail) is currently ON Gmail, they will show up with a green bullet next to their name stating that they’re online and a grayed-out bullet with an “x” if they’re not online.

Well on your browser showing your Gmail screen, below are 2 examples of how your AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) will look on your browser. The one on the right shows up when you click on “options” to make your changes.


Pretty nifty says the Ninja. That way I don’t have to open a separate chat software just for AIM. It’s all neatly integrated. Wonder if fellow Minnesotan, Tom Friedman, would use this in his next book about the flattening of the world through the convergence of popular communication tools. Globalization 3.5?




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