The Chinese are offended

17 03 2008

It’s been on the news lately that there’s been a lot of chaos in the capital city of Tibet, Lhasa. Shops and vehicles burned down. Ethnic Chinese beaten by angry mobs. Some deaths (4-7) have occurred also. The Chinese community in the USA are outraged at the savagery of the once peaceful Tibetans. Well at least one certain student going to Hamline University – SangJun Kim.

Well apparently students at Hamline staged a mock Olympic 1st 2nd 3rd podium with medals stating “genocide”, “oppression”, “torture” which led Kim to file an official complaint against the student-run SFT (Students for a Free Tibet) organization. Kim alleged that this protest was “against Hamline’s diversity policy.” Obviously for the poor ignoramus, the approach was too harsh for his sensitive feelings.

After all the 50+ years of suppressive rule by Communist China over a once independent nation, murders of innocent people which outnumber the infamous Holocaust of WWII, and continued destruction of a society and culture totally separate from the rest of China, why do the students at Hamline University need to tone down their message? Well if you’re a commie lover for one. Mr Kim. Take into consideration that tourists who left Tibet during the time of disturbance reported hundreds of military transport vehicles filled to the brim with Chinese soldiers headed towards Lhasa. It has been reported that there have been around 80-100 deaths at the hands of the military on the Tibetans in the past few days for the riots. Not the best way to prepare for the Olympics.

Chinese people are no strangers to oppression so they should use this moment to bring democracy to the world’s largest manufacturer of goods and the final bastion of hard-line Communism and Fascism that is a military threat to the planet. So I ask all Chinese students, professors, businessmen, politicians, activists, and illegal migrants to seize upon this opportunity to unite with the rest of the world and bring democracy to red China.

1. Can’t stand clicking on links on your Google searches with a “blocked” message?

2. Are you sick of having personal property (houses/apt/etc) taken over by the government in the name of modernization?

3. Those CCTV’s (closed-circuit television) on every street creep you out? Wait. The national tv station goes by that same name. Talk about irony.

4. Do you hate being called a commie?

5. Should your sex-life be governed by your government?

If you answer YES to all or any of the above, join the movement in bringing democracy to your “motherland” and free Tibet from the clutches of an antiquated group of elite politicians and the Chinese military. Every person counts. Hopefully the international court gets a chance to try Hu Jintao or the bigwigs out there in Communist China. Have a good night!

EDIT: By the way, a friend emailed me this picture below. Apparently the cause of the complaint. Can’t see why anyone would be offended by the truth. People are strange.




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