DS + “Guitar Hero on Tour” = Epic Fail

19 03 2008

The rumor of Guitar Hero coming to the DS lived up to it’s truthiness but this add-on strap just doesn’t do it. Kinda looks cool but at the same time, could be very difficult to play with. Watch how the dude has trouble holding down the buttons. Mind you, there are only FOUR buttons (instead of the standard 5) and they’re too tightly spaced. Limitations of a handheld. I’m sorry Activision/RedOctane but this all adds up to a giant smorgasbord of EPIC FAIL.

A better idea is to have a “Drum-Master Hero” for the DS where the chief goal is to perfect your mad percussion skillz with your mighty fingers. That way you don’t have to buy a separate dorky clip-on that makes your Nintendo DS comparable to a Gamecube in terms of thickness.



2 responses

7 05 2008

hey dont dis this game it is going to be awsome

11 05 2008

I really do hope so GHOT but from what it looks right now, it’s plain dorky.

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