New Facebook Privacy Stuff

19 03 2008

Facebook finally updated their “privacy” settings amidst all the complaints from current/past users of this highly popular online community site. Now when you log in to your Facebook account, click on “privacy” which is located at the top-right corner next to the “logout” button.

First thing you want to do is…

Remove 3rd-Party Apps from recording your life because that’s creepy.

  1. Click on “Applications”.
  2. Click “remove” from all the applications you see. These are the ones you aren’t using but have unknowingly agreed to let them take your soul.
  3. All the removing was done under the “Authorized Applications” tab section. The tab next to that is “Other Applications” which could mean anything else that you don’t see on your list. Click it.
  4. Apparently even if your friends add a 3rd-party app on their Facebook profile, those apps are able to peer into your profile.
  5. By default, a few things will be checked. Make sure to UNCHECK all the check-boxes and make sure to save your changes.

Then you want to work on “News Feed and Mini-Feed”

  1. Under the “Actions Within Facebook”, you do what you wanna do.
  2. After saving those changes, click on the next tab, “Actions on External Websites.” This is important. This section will tell your friends if you shopped at Victoria Secret (don’t ask me) or and show it on the main page.
  3. Check the “Don’t allow any websites to send stories to my profile” box.
  4. Save the changes and click on the 3rd tab – “Social Ads”
  5. Not sure what this does to but you don’t want to be in an ad when you’re not getting paid for it. So change the setting to “No One” and then save the changes.

Doing this, you can sleep a bit better tonight. It’s 11:06PM right now meaning half the people I know are already in bed. Good night!




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