Adobe “Photoshop Express” is PHREE!

27 03 2008

Yessss. The rumors circulating around last year about Adobe working on a web-based free Photoshop tool has finally been revealed as “Photoshop Express Beta.” Despite the awesomeness of Adobe PS, a large number of users barely ever used the layering and other PS components to justify the $700 or more price tag of the software suite. So Adobe got smart and realized they needed to make something that was easy to use and in a neat package to create awareness of their brand and public perception on the company’s products.

And just so you know, PS Express will only do basic photo editing and none of that fancy schmancy layering and text editing etc. Mamas and papas with pictures they would like to edit on a very user-friendly application need look no further than APSE (Adobe Photoshop Express) and they need to sign up with an account by clicking here.

Everything else is so easy even a caveman could do it.
(Umm remember to “upload” your picture before you decide to edit it.) 😉

A Photoshop that can run on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux all made possible through the power of the interweb. So yep. Photoshop is finally playing with the big boys on the web-based virtual labs application field. As Tom Friedman’s “10 Flatteners” have paved the way for the completion of the 3rd era in convergence, the web-based activities are leading the way into uncharted territory. With the intertwining of all electronic resources and data of the world, Adobe’s done the right thing by teaming up with online community powerhouses like Facebook, MySpace, and Picasa to create a smooth experience for the end user.

I personally thought this was a long overdue project from the company. They’re lagging behind in so many departments (example: Flash Lite ~ mobile devices) but it helps to not have many competitors in the field. Maybe this will help quell the rampant piracy of their expensive software. Great marketing. Great product placement. And a mighty A+ for their efforts!

The Ninja gives it his seal of approval and hopes Adobe doesn’t get greedy and decide to charge users for this awesome service. But for now, try it out and be a happy bunny.




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19 11 2008
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