The Apple iPhone is a star but can I smell your …

28 04 2008

It seems like every few months, there’s something really gross making the rounds out on YouTube. The last big viral video was the 2 GIRLS 1 CUP crap literally. The video was pulled faster than you could say KAZAAM but recordings of the reactions of viewers proved to be equally as popular.

So this time, it’s by “Riskay – The Drama Queen” who shops around for a catchy R&B/Hip-Hop tune which goes something like …

… can I smell your yo dick?

Seriously who says that but the song is definitely catchy. The rather strange request to sniff her boyfriend’s (or boo or whatever) d*ck to see if he’s messing around with some other chick is downright gross. The best thing in the video is the iPhone doing some Joey Grecko (host of Cheaters TV) stuff to aide our “Riskay” and confirm her fears. The poor iPhone gets thrown but survives the fall.

Also, quite a few spoofs are already out on the internet. Check them all out, YO!

EDIT: 2008-11-01 Fixed broken video link. Apparently you can’t embed it anymore. 😦


Chinese Students Abroad Resorting to Thuggery

28 04 2008

I noticed quite a few disturbing images of Chinese students abroad in Korea, Japan, and Australia resorting to intimidation tactics and in one case, actual physical violence against peaceful protesters (who are against the Chinese Government). Looking at the image of the kid below, vengeance and hatred is clearly painted on his face while surrounded by his Communist loving fellow international students in Seoul, Korea.

Below, one of the many pictures taken of the Chinese students in Seoul attempting to attack the Pro-Tibet group. Violence. Hatred. Classic hallmarks of the Communist propaganda machine’s legacy at work.

Apparently, an elderly South Korean man (below) was protesting against China’s handling of North Korean defectors and he gets a karate (sorry that be Japanese) kung-fu kick to his back. Alarmingly, this was taken in Korea and the perpetrator has been identified as a Chinese international student as of now.

Some mid-aged dude protesting for Tibet gets a kick in the back. Looks like the same Chinese kid in Korea doing it and he’s got helpers making sure the person gets beat up the old Commie way. Feet in the back. Then kick them harder when they’re down. Is this a tell-tale sign of things to come if China became the #1 superpower in the world?

In Australia, a Pro-Tibet supporter (poor white dude) gets harassed by Chinese students/immigrants. I wish I was there so I could kick some Commie-lover asses.

As seen in Japan (Nagano), Chinese students in full support of their repressive government and protesting against the Pro-Tibet groups. Really strong emotions flowing to support some Communist government.

The doorway to Grace Wang’s house in China vandalized by graffiti bearing descriptive death threats from local Chinese. Grace is studying here in the USA which makes her a prime target for the freedom haters out in China. She might be tainted by knowledge. Kill her!

And finally, a Chinese student somewhere in China paints a happy picture for the Beijing Summer Olympics Games. Painting simple happy thoughts is one way to lead an ignorant lifestyle by shutting your senses to the atrocities and injustices going on around you. It’s the easy choice seriously.

I know there are quite a few Chinese who are against the totalitarian styled regime in China and I wish other Chinese are able to open their eyes as well. If China wants to be a global market player in terms of brokering peace, negotiating business deals, and considering itself as a “friendly neighbor” to the rest of the nations, it must show that to its own people first in action. Lying to their citizens through the use of media propaganda to incite hate and violence should definitely stay out of their plans. So guys. Stop watching CCTV. You know you’re being conned when your news station tells you it’s a closed-circuit television. The next test for naive people – the Nigerian scam.

So my question here is “Why do a lot of Chinese oppose freedom while enjoying the fruits of those rights in western nations which for strange reasons, they openly hate?” I guess the bigger question here is “How deep is their hatred?”

EDIT: Found some YouTube videos where they show actual objects like wrenches and stones being hurled at the Pro-Tibet protestors.

and one where a Pro-Tibet protester gets ganged up in a 5-star hotel by a raging Chinese student mob in Seoul, Korea.

Resetting Your Browser To Ask You Before Downloading

28 04 2008

The root cause for most of the issues of unable to find the files you downloaded lie with how we set our browsers to handle files. By default on most browsers, files are set to be downloaded onto the desktop screen but changes we’ve made might affect the location.

In the case of Firefox here’s what you can do to fix your headache.

IF when you try downloading a file, you do NOT get this prompt.

Cause: You check-marked the “Do this automatically for …” box sometime and now the option you had selected “OPEN WITH” or “SAVE TO DISK” even if you can’t remember are set to run automatically.

Fix: On your Mozilla Firefox browser (sorry I dislike the clunky and porous Microsoft Internet Explorer), click on TOOLS > OPTIONS and on the pop-up menu shown below…

Click on the MAIN tab and then select the “Always ask me …” option. Now hit OK to initialize the changes you’ve made to your browser’s settings.

Next step is to go back to try and download a file again.

This time you will get the pop-up window…

… to which you want to basically ensure it’s set to “SAVE” and the box remains UNCHECKED! Then hit OK and you are bumped into another pop-up window…

Select the location where you’d like to save your files (DESKTOP in my case) and hit SAVE! Your file saves to the desired location. YAY! You are now able to locate files you downloaded from the interweb but wait a sec. There’s work to do yet.

You want to revert some of the changes you made to the browser because having to go through 2 pop-up windows to deal with every single download on the interweb is simply not your forte.

On your Mozilla Firefox browser, click on TOOLS > OPTIONS and on the pop-up menu shown below…

Check the “Save files to” instead of “Always ask me …” and then hit OK and you’re set.

… and hope you remember this if you ever run into this problem again Kaci! 😉

Can’t Find The File You Downloaded?

28 04 2008

Kaci hit “DOWNLOAD” on an MS Word document attached to an email and the file instantly launched on Microsoft Office 2003 on her screen. She made a bunch of changes to the Word document and like any smart computer user, hit CTRL+S to save the file. After closing it, she realized that she was unable to relocate the file she just spent a good 10 minutes editing.

There are many ways of finding the file you just downloaded and some of them are:

  1. Carefully scan through the clutter on your desktop screen.
  2. Minimize everything and then press the F5 key to refresh your desktop.
  3. Right-click on an empty spot and click on “Arrange Icons By” and then “Auto Arrange“. This should bring most “missing” files back in your sight.
  4. Press WINDOWS+E to open Windows (File) Explorer. Then go to “C:\Documents and Settings\ [your-computer-name] \Desktop” and scan for your file.
  5. Most people would opt to “Search” their computers for the file if they know the name of the file but depending on certain factors it (whether the file was SAVED or simply RAN), the file name might bring up a blank because a random name might be supplied rendering your search fruitless.
  6. Some will try looking in the RECENT FILES folder which is located in “C:\Documents and Settings\ [your-computer-name] \My Recent Documents” or on most computers, Start > My Recent Documents.
  7. You can go back to the place where you downloaded the file and attempt to download it again to find the location. [CAUTION: This may OVERRIDE the original file. NOT RECOMMENDED if you have the OPEN or SAVE set to automatic]
  8. The smarter folks will scan the TEMP folders if #1 or #2 don’t give them the results they want. To do that, simply go to “C:\Documents and Settings\ [your-computer-name] \Local Settings\Temp” after opening up Windows (File) Explorer using the WINDOWS+E shortcut command keys.
    You can press WINDOWS+R to launch the RUN command menu and type in “%temp%” and then hit enter to lead you to the same location.

If none of them give you the answers, you have a ghost in the machine. Regardless, the best solution for any problem is not to have them at all and I’ll continue with it on the next post.

The Greatest Olympics Ever?

24 04 2008

As China steadies itself for the media onslaught in the summer, for the first time in history, the Olympics will be held in a Communist state under Capitalistic economic policies and a Totalitarian-styled regime. Quite reasonably, there have been a lot of concerns voiced by various nations about the clash in the true ideals of the Olympics and China’s heavy-handed approach in attending to “domestic” matters. Never before has the prestigious games been opposed so openly by citizens behind the geographical, cultural, and political boundaries that separates them.

For one, the ethnic Tibetans in the “Autonomous Region of Tibet” have been suppressed since 1949. The history books in China paint a picture of Mao’s troops liberating the Tibetan “slaves” in a class-based society. Sadly, what is failed to be mentioned are that many millions of Tibetans died working against their wills in slave camps for the Communistic beliefs held by China. Those that survived died from malnutrition after being forced to follow Mao’s failed economic and agricultural programs which led to a long famine in the harsh climates of the Tibetan plateau. The nation lost over 50% of their lands through China’s renaming and rezoning of their provinces. Even today, their senior monks are hand-picked by Chinese government officials instead of by the monasteries and their spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, is still banned in Tibet. Possessing a picture of the Dalai Lama or uttering his name in public are deemed serious offenses. The ubiquity of CCTVs (closed-circuit television aka security cameras), plainclothes cops, and cops disguised as monks on the streets of Lhasa ensure that nobody steps out of line. In fact, it’s a boot camp and not many people like boot camps when you’re forced to live in one for all your life.

So what’s going on with this summer Olympics in Beijing? Is it because of “western bias” against the communist state? Or is it “racism” as some Chinese blogs pout on the interweb? The IOC Olympics Games was revived in 1896 in Athens, Greece to promote peace and harmony through the enabling of ordinary citizens to participate in a global sporting event. Unfortunately, the Olympics is marred by a history of problems, political boycotts, and corruption. One of the nations that tried to boycott the Olympics was China who in 1976 forced Canada to withdraw Taiwan from the games who ended up missing 2 Olympics Games until 1984. What a bag of hypocrites.

Truth be told, ideally the Olympics should never be boycotted because of the values it tries to promote. In reality, something needs to be done and there is a definite need for a stronger person at the helm. Someone who can claim that his/her values firmly match that of the Olympics and is able to stick to them. A person without a conscience will continue to support the management at the IOC and the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing because of their hypocritical stance in that human rights in China shouldn’t be the concern of the citizens of the Olympic world. Whatever happened to peace?

In Nepal, an unidentified mountain climber was “deported” after security found a “FREE TIBET” flag in his backpack. The Nepalese police and soldiers are guarding Mount Everest to protect China’s interests with the authorization to use “whatever means necessary, including use of weapons” to stop the protests in the region. Media coverage in the region of Tibet and Lhasa has been neutered while government propaganda blankets the airwaves in mainland China. Oh and the whole bootcamp thing. Tibet has been turned into one after thousands of soldiers (not cops were brought into the capital) are now camping by Everest on China’s side of the mountain.

Chinese immigrants (legal and illegal) abroad have taken various stand-points. Some are of the belief that China-can-do-no-wong while others have realized the importance of human rights. To all you Chinese who actively support China’s activities, let me make it clear – the protests aren’t against the Chinese, but rather directed towards a government that has been corrupted by power and is now out of control socially.

Is this a case of too little too late or is the IOC simply not doing it’s job after failing to enforce China’s promise to clean-up their acts upon winning the bid for the 2008 Games?

It’s like fucking for babies instead of pleasure. Corporate money over ideals.

Screw human rights and peace. Let the Games begin!

Losers carry empty gun holsters

22 04 2008

Saw some chubby looking college kid walking around with an empty gun holster on his right hip today. From the way he was walking around, I bet he felt he was the coolest kid in town. He had his arms curled over on his sides like a gunslinger from the 1800s, walking all slow with a heavy step, and moving his shoulders from side to side gangsta-style. LMAO!

Hats off to the dumbest-looking fuck I’ve seen in months. I’m also assuming that he’s the kind who stuffs his boxers/briefs with socks and watches Fox News for information.

Sorry. Just had to get that out. Made my day.

Sweet Subaru Impreza WRX STi Ad

18 04 2008

Just thought I should share this while I still have the WRX STi and Lancer Evolution thing stuck in my head.

If you noticed Ken Block’s massive 171 foot jump in his Subaru WRX from the clip above, watch it unfiltered below.