Flight of the Conchords (FREE) MP3s

3 04 2008

Download.com’s “music” division is allowing for free legal downloads of 2 songs from the hit HBO Showtime series featuring Bret McKenzie and Jermaine Clement – The Flight of the Conchords. The tracks in particular are Business Time and Ladies of the World. Personally, I woulda liked to see Inner City Pressure, The Humans are Dead, Most Beautiful Girl in the Room, and If You’re Into It instead. But they’re all funny which is why the show is so great. Satire. Humor. Light hearted music with humorous lyrics. And very awkward characters.

Here’s a video featuring FOTC’s one and only on-screen fan, Mel, with here “vlogs” here on YouTube. There are around 9 episodes of her vlogs so feel free to check them all out on YouTube. Yea she’s weird.

My original article on FOTC. Thanks Giz for posting it up!




One response

4 04 2008

Good article,

I get download of the mp3 musics on download.com, put on my PC and my Phone.

Thank you

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