Funny business with Gmail addresses

10 04 2008

This was just brought to my notice. Apparently, you’re able to exploit a Gmail code structure to email people around. This is nothing big so don’t hold your breath. Just a cute trick you can play with your friends as I did with Kaci who is at the moment still trying to figure it out. Mwahahaha.

If your email is ““, you can receive emails directed to…
… you get the message. The number of [dots] don’t matter as they’re not recognized within the user-name section. This means that adding [dots] in your email user-name won’t make a difference since it’s only the alphanumeric stuff that’s saved (ie. abc…z and 012…9).

Something similar but slightly different with the “+” sign.” or any word you can think of after the “+” would direct it to instead.


The “+” variation is especially useful since when you sign up to register on different websites, you could use that to track down who sold your email address. In the case of eBay, you could sign-up as “” and so when you get unsolicited emails from 3rd party websites, if the TO section shows up “” instead of “”, you know that eBay SOLD your EMAIL address.

Kaci. Are you still trying to figure it out? Hehehe.




One response

10 04 2008

Another option…you could create a different email saying something beguiling like and then under gmail/setting/account and “Add another email address.” Fill in your new email and wala…you can use your gmail account to send from your new address and reply back with your gmail account. Look at the link below if you want more details.

I must admit that the ninja’s method with the + easier but it can be done with using the options already known to everyone.


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