15 04 2008

They say, silence is golden. It lets people peer into their own hearts and soul when the moment is given. Just like in the movie Mulholland Drive when Naomi Watts and Laura Harring go to Club Silencio, nothing you hear is real.

In the real world, business people talk to confuse the listener from obtaining real information because when you talk, the focus of the talkee (is that a word?) or listener will be on the overall message or the literal words. It doesn’t give them time to think about WHY the talker is trying to launch a verbal assault. Maybe the talker is trying to hide certain emotions and dispel doubts about the person’s fragile self. Jokes are one way of attempting to do just that.

In the political arena, when those big cats use rhetoric in their speeches, most of them usually pause after they unleash a strong statement. This pause allows the message to soak into the listeners who at this time are subconsciously fighting their own inner consciousness with the new almost hypnotic suggestions thrown at them. Some like President Bush aren’t known for their speech pause timings. Sometimes he waits too long pondering on the right words to come out of his mouth and other times, he just flat out fails to pause. The latter actions help him a lot because the audience would not have the time to think about what he just said and are left focusing on the stark naked words and what he’s going to say next. Hey. It works!

But for the most part, silence is an important tool. If used correctly, it is an efficient and devastating weapon (weapon of mass destruction if you have a mic and/or loudspeakers) and hope you are able to use the silence I present you when I’m not posting on the blog.





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