Chinese Students Abroad Resorting to Thuggery

28 04 2008

I noticed quite a few disturbing images of Chinese students abroad in Korea, Japan, and Australia resorting to intimidation tactics and in one case, actual physical violence against peaceful protesters (who are against the Chinese Government). Looking at the image of the kid below, vengeance and hatred is clearly painted on his face while surrounded by his Communist loving fellow international students in Seoul, Korea.

Below, one of the many pictures taken of the Chinese students in Seoul attempting to attack the Pro-Tibet group. Violence. Hatred. Classic hallmarks of the Communist propaganda machine’s legacy at work.

Apparently, an elderly South Korean man (below) was protesting against China’s handling of North Korean defectors and he gets a karate (sorry that be Japanese) kung-fu kick to his back. Alarmingly, this was taken in Korea and the perpetrator has been identified as a Chinese international student as of now.

Some mid-aged dude protesting for Tibet gets a kick in the back. Looks like the same Chinese kid in Korea doing it and he’s got helpers making sure the person gets beat up the old Commie way. Feet in the back. Then kick them harder when they’re down. Is this a tell-tale sign of things to come if China became the #1 superpower in the world?

In Australia, a Pro-Tibet supporter (poor white dude) gets harassed by Chinese students/immigrants. I wish I was there so I could kick some Commie-lover asses.

As seen in Japan (Nagano), Chinese students in full support of their repressive government and protesting against the Pro-Tibet groups. Really strong emotions flowing to support some Communist government.

The doorway to Grace Wang’s house in China vandalized by graffiti bearing descriptive death threats from local Chinese. Grace is studying here in the USA which makes her a prime target for the freedom haters out in China. She might be tainted by knowledge. Kill her!

And finally, a Chinese student somewhere in China paints a happy picture for the Beijing Summer Olympics Games. Painting simple happy thoughts is one way to lead an ignorant lifestyle by shutting your senses to the atrocities and injustices going on around you. It’s the easy choice seriously.

I know there are quite a few Chinese who are against the totalitarian styled regime in China and I wish other Chinese are able to open their eyes as well. If China wants to be a global market player in terms of brokering peace, negotiating business deals, and considering itself as a “friendly neighbor” to the rest of the nations, it must show that to its own people first in action. Lying to their citizens through the use of media propaganda to incite hate and violence should definitely stay out of their plans. So guys. Stop watching CCTV. You know you’re being conned when your news station tells you it’s a closed-circuit television. The next test for naive people – the Nigerian scam.

So my question here is “Why do a lot of Chinese oppose freedom while enjoying the fruits of those rights in western nations which for strange reasons, they openly hate?” I guess the bigger question here is “How deep is their hatred?”

EDIT: Found some YouTube videos where they show actual objects like wrenches and stones being hurled at the Pro-Tibet protestors.

and one where a Pro-Tibet protester gets ganged up in a 5-star hotel by a raging Chinese student mob in Seoul, Korea.




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29 04 2008





11 04 2012

where is google and facebook and media freedom in china that shows the china govt is not doing good job and in order to hide that they are doing so may peace prevail on earth and you guys just remember your brother sister fren what happened to them in tianmen square

29 04 2008

Hey Barf.
Do note that the protests were aimed against the atrocities by the Chinese Government’s handling of Tibet and North Korean defectors but certain individuals decided to take it on to themselves and escalate it to a despicable level.

How can you so proud of violence? What has society done to drown you from your inner conscience? What message are you sending out to the international community about Chinese people in general?


Your local Ninja.

31 10 2008

Proud of these Chinese brothers! fuck tibet! Beijing olympics = best olympics ever!

1 11 2008

Fuck yourself man.

11 04 2012

kid dont keep that attitude one your govt china will fuck your ass without knowing anyone even your neighbours that time i would like to see your face so dont think like small kid tibet belongs to tibetan and should disturb the peace and human rights in tibet have some humanity this life is long dude

17 02 2009

Thank you Chinese (communists) students for exposing your selves to the world! You truly represent your regime. No other words are needed.
We Tibetans & all the oppressed people of the world only want human rights, equality & freedom. That is all. Let us work together towards a greater understanding in peace & harmony in this planet now. Realize that no amount of racism, hatred, greed & wars have brought us any positive changes at all.
We must stop this perpetuated vicious circle struggle of death & destruction by the elite( communism,capitalism etc..) and come to realize that we control our own destiny. We are NOT alone & never have been in the vast Galaxy. Peace & Love.

29 03 2009

i never watch cctv even im a chinese. overseas…but i understand our chinese culture..i was born in anohter country.but i think im CHINESE in my heart ,i hav chinese blood.chinese mind..chinese knowledge and culture…even i carry ohter natianality.but i m chinese at all… if u cant understand why there re many chinese students or immigrants doing it between olimpic or ohter occasion.u d better come to visit china and know about it.. we dont want violence.. but other ppl re the first one to protest and be mean… we just protect .what ‘s the problem to protect ourselves?? i just wanna tell u that pls open ur eyes to see the world…..our chinese ‘s moving on and doing better day by day…..when i m going to start business,i l do the business with chinse first instead of those mother fuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shame on you!!!!!!!!

29 03 2009

besides,, china lent tooooo much money to usa to save the world…so do u think chinese is bad as same as u think..we r helping the world and ur ppl…..we r not afraid of economic crisis…coz we save enough money..even the bad economic would last many years..we chinese is ok…we can afford to anything…….now we chinese r still travling the world and spend money on the luxury things..coz we can do about u? it’s same as my parents…they moved outside china.but they v been taught me all the thing about china ..coz they wanna tell me that no matter where i was chinese at all./…i love CHINA and my country..but i hope ppl can go there and experience that land…

28 04 2009

you can’t judge ALL pro-chinese demonstrators based off this one flying-kicking guy. thats like saying all pro-tibet demonstrators burn shops, flip cars, and kill hans like the demonstrators in lhasa.

i’m sorry. but you just have the underdog syndrome. just because tibet is smaller than china, you’re sympathizing with them. you’re complaining about this pro-china guy kicking some pro-tibet dude, but what about the lhasa riots that burned han shops and killed han citizens

protests are violent in nature, thats just how they are. but which one’s worse? kicking? or burning and killing?

1 05 2009

If you thought the Lhasa riots were bad, do you support the justification of heavy handed retaliation by the Chinese military?

Kicking? Burning? Killing? I believe the Chinese Government can be held accountable for all 3 and worse, torture on both Chinese and Tibetans. Another thing to ask yourself is how do you make sense of those decades of violence and oppression against the peaceful Tibetans since the invasion?

There are some videos floating on the net with Chinese sharpshooters taking down refugees and monks on a mountain with rifles. Is that justice? How do you sleep at night knowing that you are advocating such a cruel regime?

2 05 2009

Typical communists, making excuses for the barbarity of their fellow pinkos. When the capitalist American government does greasy shit like Abu Ghraib and when capitalist Americans get violent they are condemned by their fellows.

That shows the stark contrast between those who enjoy individual and economic freedom, and those who are blindly and willingly repressed. The former recognize evil as evil regardless of who commits it, and condemn it as so, while the latter revel in violence and hatred, and ignore any and all excess by their own side, as to them the ends justify the means.

2 05 2009

The Dalai Llama doesn’t make any excuse for violence.

and yet the Chinese call him a Criminal

and the Communists bay for his blood!

They are nothing but HYPOCRITES, they have swallowed a genocidal lie, they have found the taste agreeable, and they will never relent regardless of how full of shit they are shown to be. They are willingly blind and deaf to anything that hasn’t been filtered through their far-left, red coloured prism. Every morsel of truth is degraded as “Capitalist-Imperialist-Zionist-Racist-Colonialist” etc, etc, etc (you can never have enough descriptives with communists!)

21 07 2009

I think that the chinese should be more friendly to tibetans …I ask you something what did tibetans ? some chinese are for tibetans some against I´m a tibetan and I´m proud chinese people shouldn´t make any drama

13 01 2010

Good kick, bro. I wish I could do that to the white mother fucker demonstrating here in the US. I was too chichen. Next time around, I will put a bullet into any indian killing, black hanging mother fucking white trash here. They are gonna burn in hell.

3 02 2010

please leave my country..doing it in chiina…
back to your contryyyy

15 01 2010
Notorious I.G.

Shut your pie hole you stupid Commie-loving hate spewing POS.

This isnt China so you are free to do what you want. But then again, if you don’t like it here, you are more than welcome to leave our country and go back home!

24 10 2010

Stupid communist scums,hope one day there will be someone to destroy this curse party

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