What you can do with an ISO

13 05 2008

This is something simple but since I’ve been doing a lot of burning of ISOs lately testing out Ubuntu (KDE, GNOME, XFCE) and Fluxbuntu (Fluxbox) I decided to take some screenshots and help anyone who’s run into a problem of burning operating systems (in ISO format) they downloaded.

What are ISO files you say? Basically they can be termed as optical drive files designed in a similar way to ZIP/RAR files. Files could range from software like Microsoft Office 2007 to complete operating systems such as the ever popular Debian-linux based Ubuntu. If you have WinRAR, you are able to explore within the ISO file you downloaded but what you almost always want to do with ISOs are to burn them onto disks.

The easiest option for any Windows user in my opinion is DVD Decryptor compared to the competition, especially DVD Shrink. So how do you put your ISO file into a CD or DVD? Well first you want to download DVD Decryptor and then get a blank disk and now follow the steps in the corresponding reddish boxes in the picture below:

  1. Click on Mode > ISO > Write
  2. Click on the “Windows Explorer” icon and select your ISO file
  3. Select your DVD or CD burner
  4. Try to burn your file at a low speed to ensure quality burning. 1x is my preference.
  5. Clickity Clickity Clicky!




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29 05 2008
The Best OS for your old laptop? Pt 1 of 2 « NinjaTales Blog

[…] it up and download the ISO file via torrents for free. Install the ISO as I have detailed in this post and try setting it up on your computer. Remember that when you install it on a drive, you will have […]

30 05 2008

7Zip is also capable of looking at files inside isos. 7Zip is a nice freeware compression tool that handles most compression formats.

30 05 2008

Had forgotten about 7Zip after briefly using it last fall. You’re quite true about 7Zip’s functions but it’s lack of compatibility outside of a Windows environment is a big disadvantage. But thanks for reminding me of 7zip.

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