Gizmodo bans our Ninja

14 05 2008

It’s not sure who @ Gizmodo banned “ninjatales” or why but it happened within the next 5-10 minutes after posting this line in a controversial “PS3 Ad” blog post. Ironically enough, I was in support of Brian Lam (blogger @ Gizmodo) for laying the smack down on some irrational posters. You’d think a supporter would be given a helping hand.

Was our ninja backstabbed or was it simply a case of “casualties of war” during his banning spree? I guess all we can do for now, other than my one-time email post to reinstate my commenting status, is to stare at this ninjafied Steve Ballmer screaming on my behalf.

EDIT: 1PM CST 5/14/2008 – They even took down my emailing privileges meaning I can’t contact the moderator team at Gizmodo. All this silent hate directed towards me and I still don’t know why I was banned. Was it Jason Chen or Brian Lam or some other shadowy conspirator? Whoever it is, can I please get a response? I sent out 2 emails with my email address listed.



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