Quit leaving your crap behind on my car!

22 06 2008

I understand there’s a lot of animosity towards the Honda Civic but that’s mostly due to the ricers out on the streets with the giant spoilers and fart-cans crammed in the rear exhausts. Unfortunately, my bone-stock Civic never fails to land me a surprise year after year.

When I first got my car, some asswipes keyed the rear trunk in a parking lot of a grocery store. Another grocery store had someone trying to pry open my gas cover which at that time was around $1.25/gallon. Unfortunately for me, the cover’s controlled from the inside so when they tried to forcibly get it to open, it bent something there and now the gas cover on the outside doesn’t shut all the way. Then 2 years ago, someone left me a AOL CD on the rear window lodged between the rubber strips with a scratched-on Nazi Swastika sign in broad-daylight in the afternoon. That was at the Cub Foods location in New Brighton, Minnesota, considered by many as a nice quiet suburb. Another time, someone left behind pliers on my trunk lid while at some friends place in St Cloud. Some stupid college kid put up a fake ticket behind my windshield wipers last year. We all get those little cards or fliers once in a while but yesterday, there was a “Minneapolis Summer Fun” newspaper stuck on my wipers when no other car had it in the parking lot. If that didn’t get me riled me up, a bloated tampon lodged in the rear trunk-lid surely did. It wasn’t used (ewwww) but it’s still gross.

So what am I doing wrong? There are no bumper stickers to aggravate people of various sociopolitical differences or large exhausts, colorful paint etc that really makes this Civic stand out. No one else I know has had anything like that happen to them and they have rides that aren’t normal, yet I get targetted on a yearly basis. Why? So my message out to all you asshats who pull these stunts is QUIT LEAVING YOUR CRAP BEHIND ON MY CAR or I’ll have to find a way to knight you with this baseball bat on your heads!

Anyone else have similar stories?




4 responses

24 07 2008

I keep missing tennis matches because no one is inviting me.

28 03 2009

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10 09 2009

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24 08 2010
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