It’s been a while…

3 08 2008

since I last posted on my blog. Been busy with work related stuff and the neverending summer activities that keep piling up. On a somber note, we also just had our 1st anniversary of the 35W bridge collapse and hope the government decides to set aside a more reasonable budget for infrastructure maintenance. I’m looking at you, lazy Pawlenty!

Also the commute to and from work has worsened. The simple 10-15 minute drive on normal conditions take me anywhere from 35 minutes to 2 hours. Sometimes Dick Cheney wants to hang out with his pals in Minneapolis so they stop the frigging traffic but usually, it’s the bums who can’t read and end up driving on the HOV lanes.

So the single drivers get on the far left lane just cuz there’s not much traffic on it completely oblivious to the “BUS / CARPOOL LANE ONLY” signs only to merge into our lanes later as the carpool lane merges with us. I’ve been known to only give room to cars with more than 1 occupant when they merge but it pisses me no end that there are people who’d let those bastards go through. Line-cutting is alright but not when you’re left stuck in a bumper to bumper traffic for long periods because some cool cats on the left lane can’t read.

The other day was driving on I-394 as usual and then I cop lights flashing in the rear view. A cop gets on the carpool lane and then for a moment I believed that someone was going to enforce it. No such luck. An accident up ahead. Where’s karma when you need it?




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