Elitist, Marxist, Obama, McCain, Biden, Palin, and some thoughts

28 10 2008

As the days dwindle down to the November 4th, 2008 elections, Senator John McCain’s attempts to win votes are looking more and more desperate than ever. Sleaze ball tactics on high alert!

McCain sayz: “My friends. Obama is palling around with a domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers!”
Truth: There were other well known Republicans in the same board to fight poverty with Ayers. To further discredit that attack line, Obama was only 8 when Ayers was conducting his violent actions. Ayers is now a professor in Chicago and a well recognized figure among both parties and his past actions have been denounced by Obama.

Having said that, guilt by association could tie John McCain with one of his good buddies, G. Gordon Liddy, who stated on air that the best way to kill US Government Agents was to use an M-1 rifle with head shots – “their flak jackets won’t protect them.” Liddy further suggested to callers on air to own weapons and not get them registered. Sounds like a perfect terrorist buddy. McCain hasn’t denounced his buddy’s terrorist statements to date. McCain is also linked to a good number of shady characters including a starring role in the Keating Five political corruption scandal and ties to recently convicted Mafia felons in Italy. All of those are newer than the Bill Ayers sage which took place in the 70s.

Speaking of which, Sarah Palin’s husband and Sarah Palin herself were very active members of the Alaska Indepence Party for around 7 years. She made concerted efforts to speak in AIP conventions cementing her love for the party through her very whiny and annoying voice. I pray we don’t have to hear her talk on tv as much, especially after the elections. Her husband is purported to still be a member of the Alaskan secessionist movement. So the unanswered question here would be, is Sarah Palin a terrorist due to her involvement with AIP, a terrorist organization … and is John McCain a terrorist for working alongside Sarah Palin? I wonder why the “liberal” media didn’t pick that up. Strange. If they’re “liberal,” they sure as heck don’t act like it.

Palin sayz: “Obama is a socialist. He wants to take your hard earned money by raising taxes.”
Truth: She was referring to people making over $250,000 after deducting all work-related expenses. Raising taxes for the top earners who’s had it easy for the past 8 years through regulations favoring them over the middle class which is why the middle-class has shrunk in the US. Out of all the developed nations in the world, the US ranks towards the very top in terms of legal ways to minimize one’s taxable income. The more you make, the less you pay and due to this, the biggest winners from those all so very legal loopholes are the top 5% wage earners. All this made possible in the past 8 years and as a result, the gap between the rich and the poor has never been greater.

Here’s the kicker though. If you are an ordinary middle-income citizen, you pay more taxes. This is why you are poor and this is why the rich remain rich, and Obama wants to change that by giving greater tax breaks to the huge majority unlike the older gentleman.

In business, your goal is to make a net profit, but the primary goal of an accountant for a business should always be to ensure having a minimum tax liability using one of the thousands of ways to escape from doing what most Americans do annually. This is why even when businesses report being in the red in terms of taxable income, they are operating just fine. Through John McCain and Sarah Palin’s “non-socialist/patriotic/American” economic politics, they ensure the money continues to trickle up from the average American (or Joe six-pack) to fund the lifestyles of the elite.

Poor Joe Biden had to respond to this nearly retarded question added with a segment insinewing that Barack Obama was in someways, a Marxist. And this from some local tv news reporter who coincidentally happened to be a Republican. That would make Ronald Reagan a Marxist as well. Would she make it “fair and balanced” by dishing out something similar to Palin about John McCain? I wonder what she thought of Social Security, Medicare, the VFW programs for vets, and other social programs. Or for that matter, raising taxes to fix the terrible shape of the nation’s infrastructure or boosting defense? If Obama’s a socialist, McCain is a Bush-ist (you know what I mean) and Sarah Palin is a terrorist. As for Joe the Biden, he’s a very patriotic tax-paying American and faithful public servant for the regular Americans unlike another Joe we’ve heard on the tv quite a bit and brought up in the debates by the Republican candidate, John McCain.

My take on this is Sarah Palin is an elitist. She can call others whatever she wants to and use strange folksy accents but she is still an elitist. Putting a lipstick on a pig does not disguise a pig. She can live in a nice mansion, have the area rezoned because she was the governor, take a lot of additional perks by dropping $160,000 in fashion shopping (and promising to donate it after she was caught red-handed), break a lot of other state ethics in her dealings such as “troopergate.” She can lie about her unmarried daughter’s baby, then have it named “TRIG???”, then use her kids as props in her campaign but at the same time claim her kids are off-bounds. She can sell her private jet at a loss and still put out statements touting her achievements through her great skills in business. For her, losing a million bucks or using cheap gimmicks like winking at cameras and wearing flashy attires isn’t much, but for the rest of America, it sure does mean a heckuva lot and “you betcha” we aren’t smiling.

McCain sayz: “My friends. I am not Bush!”
Truth: True but if all his economic policies do are to benefit the top wage earners, symptoms of Bush’s economic plans, then he certainly is trying to emulate Bush and send us deeper into the mire. We all know the economic policies currently in place aren’t helping the nation and change needs to come, not just through campaign slogans such as “CHANGE IS COMING”, but through setting better laid-out policies. Prez Bush liked McCain’s policies so much so that he even voted for McCain via early voting. Talk about a great endorsement from the man himself.

Verdict: As usual, the Republican propaganda machine is trying to churn out a smokescreen on their candidates questionable activities by smearing their opponents instead of talking about what they can personally bring to the Oval Office. The GOP candidates are pure radicals in every sense but the trick is to turn on the fog lamps on them. Will the American public once against get conned by the RED-menace or are we smart enough to see through their bullshit?

As one great American once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country!”




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28 10 2008
28 10 2008
Dan P

Anyone who reads newsmax for news is a moron or is well on the way to get there.

28 10 2008

The Republicans tried to cry voter fraud in Indiana. The thing is, you have to have a state issued ID in order to vote in Indiana. So no matter who you register as, you have to have an ID that matches your registration in order to vote, so whats the big deal? The big deal is that Republicans (Grand Ole Party) each election year tries everything it can to suppress the vote of poor people. Keeping anyone from voting is unamerican. The Republican National Commitee works to slander, promote hate, and prevent poor people from voting. That kind of behaviour should not happen in our government. The only way to get them out of government and end the fear tactics, hate mongering, lobbyist payoffs, and voter suppression, is to vote them out of office.

29 10 2008

@Sammy: I am assuming your article confused John McCain’s campaign against Mitt Romney through Huckabee. Quite typical of right-whiners to misinterpret things. Not the first time and certainly not the last.

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