Cool tax saving calculator

3 11 2008

There is a general understanding that McCain being the real maverick will continue to dole out tax incentives regardless of the plight of the economy with the majority of the benefits going out to the mega corporations and CEOs who’ve had it incredibly easy in these past 8 years. He will continue to borrow money from communist nations like China and hold the rest of the nation liable to pay back those loans with interest in the not too distant future.

Essentially speaking, John McCain will be purchasing credit cards under our names and use it to blow away 700 billions of dollars every year into unstable nations like Iraq indefinitely without a guarantee from the Iraqi government for a return benefit (ie. cheap gas, contracts to American companies, etc) and continue to acquire more credit cards to pay overpaid CEOs so that they may be eligible for tax refunds. A sure way to take down this economy and what makes this nation so great.

Do take into consideration that the tax incentives from either candidate are rather outageous given the economic situation but it seems that John McCain is not a maverick but a fool bent on pursuing the same Bush economic policies and worsening our lives. The average employer is realizing that they’d rather pay more taxes and have better sales than pay less taxes and lower sales. After all, Obama is simply taking taxation back to how it was in the ’90s for folks out there making $250,000 net income while helping out the middle class to rejuvenate the economy.

… about time …

Whether you are a supporter of Barack Obama or John McCain, whether you already voted or will vote, or whether you can or cannot vote for various reasons, here’s a little something to let you know how much you can save through either candidate as president.




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