Free iPod through your bank

15 11 2008

Free iPod deal. Sometime last week, I received a letter from my bank Wells Fargo in the mail. Seemed like the regular “SIGN UP FOR A FREE CAMERA” thing they sometimes send out. Only this time, it said a free Apple iPod Shuffle. Nothing extraordinary but could be worth picking up since it’s FREE. Didn’t think much about it until a buddy at work had one just like that, only his was through Bank of America. He found the iPod in the middle row on the scratch card.

Found the iPod in the middle row on my scratch-off card also. You get 30 days to use the service (AutoVantage – similar to AAA Roadside Service) for free and you want to cancel before then, unless you’re up for shelling out $16/mo thereafter. The Shuffle will be mailed out 3-5 weeks after processing the application. Oh and remember to include the scratch-off card and the sheet holding your signature in the prepaid envelope before mailing em out. Keeping my fingers crossed.

EDIT (12/26/2008): This is so not worth the hassle. You send in a request to sign-up along with a free iPod card. Then you wait for 2 weeks and they mail you a membership confirmation packet complete with your ID card and some coupons and booklets. Then you have to mail out another free iPod card to confirm included in the packet you received from them. This is estimated to take 6-8 weeks to process and the whole time, you are expected to be a member of AutoVantage. Also be advised that the iPods are subject to availability. To top it off, it’s just a cheapo iPod Shuffle 1GB.




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8 12 2008

what was the address you mailed the forms into? I got a card too but I lost the pre-stamped envelope that came with the scratch card!

17 12 2008

I’m sorry. I tried real hard to look for the address but came up empty.

30 01 2009

I got this same thing. I sent in the card and waited over a month. Finally, my membership info came, without the free iPod Shuffle. In the original letter they sent me they said I could enjoy the shuffle while I review the membership terms, and keep the shuffle otherwise. This is a lie, since you cannot get the shuffle unless you stay a member long enough for the 6-8 weeks of processing.
Definitely not worth the trouble. Well, I guess nothing is really free. What more can I expect from AutoVantage?
Well, your edit about AutoVantage and Free ipod makes me feel better about thinking this is not worth it.

1 02 2009

Exactly. Looks to me like Auto Vantage is trying to sucker in people with their dubious “free ipod” strategery.

14 02 2009

I got this from US bank, also found the ipod in the middle row. Glad that I searched and found this entry. Wouldn’t bother signing, mailing, waiting and calling then.

17 04 2009

I want o cancel this ipod thing I mailed, anyone has a number I can call so I do not get charged later for my wellsfargo bank

23 04 2009
Jeremy Krause

Googled it up. It’s 1-800-876-7787.

10 06 2009

I disagree with all of you. I filled out the form then waited 2 weeks and got the membership info and sent the card in for an ipod shuffle. Six weeks later I received an ipod shuffle , just as promised. I called autovantage and asked to cancel my membership. The 30 days starts when you get your packet to my knowledge and so they didn’t charge me anything. I got a free i pod shuffle and it only took 8 weeks of waiting. Good deal to me.

One person said its just a cheapo ipod with 1Gb . Are you kidding me? There is no such thing as a cheapo ipod. It is a real official ipod from apple. Yeah it only has 1 GB but that is because it is a shuffle and it said on the card from the beginning that it would have that much space so there were no surprises. An excellent deal.

15 06 2009
didn't get it

yeah, I filled this out and waited and waited. …never got the stupid thing…called to cancel before I got charged when I called to cancel they said to give it some more time…I asked for a cancellation confirmation number and they said “oh I thought you agreed to give it more time”. BE SURE THEY HAVE CANCELLED WHEN YOU CALL TO ASK. Also, the Auto Vantage or whatever is no deal at all…everything they offer can be found in your Sunday paper at any local service center.

18 05 2010

it worked for me. I cancelled on 30 days and still got my ipod a couple weeks later. Actually did it once for autovantage and once for autovantage gold. 2 ipods for free!

21 05 2010

Same here…sent in the initial card, couple weeks later recieved another packet with confirmation info…sent that in. About 28 days of the initial mailing I cancelled my membership. About a month after cancelling i received my ipod shuffle. I spent about a total of 15 mins of my time and received an Ipod Shuffle…Im happy. Just sent me another offer for a GPS…now Im waiting on that.

14 06 2010

Im happy i did a search and found this site..

i just received a letter from my bank and i got the same offer for AutoAdvantage Enhanced as everyone else here…..and instead of a free ipod… it offered a free GPS…(tempting) I dont know if anyone else got this offer, any feedback would be great….but im a bit torn from all the comments posted….

19 06 2010

I got the GPS offer also, I mailed it in and ill let you know how it goes. It might taker a while before I have results though seeing how everyone had to wait over a month in most cases.

But hey even if its the cheapest gps in the world still a good gift to a friend xD

23 07 2010

I initially agreed with everyone above, and was actually kinda bitter about not receiving my iPod. Without realizing it, I was actually paying for the Auto Vantage offer ($13.99/mth) for 2 months before I cancelled!

When I called to cancel, the customer service reps were super friendly, they:
1. Cancelled my membership in no time
2. Reimbursed me for the months that I’d already paid.
3. Sent out an iPod to me the next day.

This took no more than 20 minutes of my time total. That’s a win in my book 🙂

11 10 2010
Linda Barker

I got my free iPod fromhere!.

22 12 2010

For those who need the address, here it is:
Autovantage Enhanced
Official claim office
PO Box 5550
Binghamton, NY 13902-9901

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