The future Honda/Acura NSX?

22 05 2008

Arguably the world’s first and only true exotic supercar from the land of the rising sun, Honda’s NS-X (Acura in the USA) was a pillar of marvel for automobile designers with it’s light-weight aluminum frame molded into a sleek aerodynamic design. The low-slung mid-engined beauty ran on it’s rear wheels and could out-handle it’s European counterparts from marques like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Porsche.

Unfortunately for Honda, manufacturers and fans of the established exotic sports cars refused to accept the NSX because of the rather anemic V-6 powerplant and the fact that it wasn’t from Europe. Regardless, there is no doubt that it’s design was years ahead of it’s competition back when it first came out in 1990 and Honda is aiming to try and make another home-run.

Honda’s HSC (probably stood for Honda Sports Concept) made the fans somewhat happy but the boring and derivative design wasn’t NSX which is why it was replaced by the equally boring “Advanced Sports Car” concept. This time, it’s going to be front-engined on a rear-wheel drive setup which could alter the balance the previous iteration had achieved.

I must say it looks ugly as f*ck and a lot of enthusiasts expressed similar thoughts when this car debuted last year at NAIAS (North American International Auto Show). Almost Chevy Corvette like and somewhat bland to the eye so I used some quick Photochop to make it once again a mid-engined supercar that it should be.

Didn’t know how to fix the headlights but that’s just my interpretation of the direction Honda should be taking. I know Honda went back to the drawing board after a huge negative reception for the ASC design but would love it if they could take cues from what I have above or at the least, bring back a mid-engined supercar.


DoorPal might prevent door dings on your cars

9 12 2007

And only covers cars in garages that can hold 2 or more vehicles. What you need to do is hang this water-bed floatation like contraption from the ceiling between your cars. That way you can swing open your door as hard as you want and not damage the other car. Can’t wait to have a garage that can house more than 1 automobile for the moment. Maybe I’ll think about dropping $79.99 for this but man. That’s kinda excessive for what it is but then again, it’s supposed to withstand extreme temperatures so it could be worth the money. We’ll all have to wait and see if it’s as good as the dude claims it is using a shovel against his Honda/Acura NSX.

The funny thing is Mr DoorPal posted the below video after getting a lot of criticism from the internet army of commenters for his original product video on YouTube. Watch him take out his frustration on the “DoorPal” and the wall and an innocent tomato later. But just when you think he’s about to lose it all, the “DoorPal” (logo screen) saves him.

This product will not work if you own Lamborghinis or have scissor-style doors that go up instead of swing out.