Mike’s Hard (and) Sucks! :O

25 10 2007

Darjeeling is considered as one of the best producers of quality tea. The same can’t be said about Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co, the Canadian maker of the Mike’s Hard series of hard filtered down liquor. You like Long Island Teas? Don’t even consider Mike’s Hard “long island” Tea. When the girlfriend saw “Ice Tea” with “Mike’s Hard” in the same bottle at a local liquor store, she immediately reached out for it. Unfortunately, Mike’s Hard Tea is more of a Darjeeling “limited” than anything else.

To be honest, it tasted like cough syrup and left everybody gagging which means, we’re not gonna git it again. Was trying to find pictures of “Mike’s Hard Tea” all over Google and Yahoo but the only things I could find were pics of regular Mike’s Lemonade and a whole lotta Mike’s with hard-ons. WTF man. Too many guys in various homo-erotic poses and a whole more of “tea-bagging” (look that up if you don’t know what it is but know that it’s NSFW aka Not-Safe-For-Work). Grossed the hell outta me. First Mike’s Hard Tea and now Mike’s Hard Tea-Baggin.

And to end it all, a sick ad (Youtube) by the guys who brought you Mike’s Hard Tea topped by a nicely done homage to the Evil Dead’s “Army of Darkness” movie.


Worst Beer Ad – Heineken Iron Maiden

27 08 2007

This has got to be the worst beer commercial created in the 21st Century as I simply can’t vouch for the advertisements in the 20th or 19th centuries

Why is this bad? It’s creepy. Beer is supposed to be relaxing. Beer is supposed to flaunt sex. This fembot is just freaky at best unlike the more human-looking Liz Taylor of Austin Powers fame. There’s nothing energetic about this ad. The dark dull colors brings out a depressing atmosphere often portrayed in doomsday earth-in-the-future movies. Beer is about having fun.

The only thing this ad successfully does is it fixates the brand “Heineken” into our minds. The problem with that is, it also reminds us of this scary looking female robot or fembot as most of us like to call them. Simply disgusting!

PS: The music sux too!

Miller Chill … again

14 08 2007

It’s good. Yummy. For those who cant make up their minds if they’d like a soda (or pop) or a beer, this is it. Just thought I’d taunt all those who view my pages but don’t bother to post any comments. Whasap with that guys? You dont have to register to post a comment. Jus put down a bogus email address and shoot your thoughts!

Miller Chill or Chelada Beer any good?

30 07 2007

This so called Miller Chill which is actually an abbrev standing for “Chelada” which happens to be a play of words to combine 2 Spanish words “Helada” (iced) and “Chela” (beer). Also, this happens to be a traditional Mexican recipe among flavored beer or chela lovers across the southern border.

So how is this Chill beer from Miller? Not bad actually if you’re looking to quench your thirst with something cool on a hot sunny day. The slightest hint of lime in the beer cannot compete against Corona+salt+lime but sure as heck beats going thru the trouble of prepping a Corona. For serious beer drinkers, you can stick with your Pale Ale, Summit, Newcastle, and Surly – a small local drink here 😉

I personally like it and so this gets the ninja stamp of approval for mass consumption. A note of concern is that this is a rather light beer so don’t go all out expecting it to taste like one of the better beers available in the market.