The Return of FUTURAMA and a new season trailer

6 08 2007

We all cried in anguish when our hilariously lovable characters on Futurama stopped coming up on tv with new episodes back in late 2003. Fortunately for us, Bender, Fry and the rest of the gang are back and will air on Comedy Central sometime early 2008. Supposedly, it’s the 4 unreleased Futurama movies which will be broken into 4 episodes for each movie.

I sure hope it’s not what I wrote above and an actual season with real episodes instead of 12 “to be continued” endings if you do the math. This is putting me in the mood for some serious online “Bender” shopping mode.

Do note that the video isn’t the best of quality. It’s shot from a handheld video recorder but you can still laugh, can’t you?