Pro-Tibet Facebook Group Hacked!!!

8 01 2009

A NY/DC based Pro-Tibet organization, “Students for a Free Tibet” had their Facebook group hacked as of last summer. I was originally informed of this by colleagues from NY back in August but the details were vague. Supposedly, it used to be an open group meaning anyone could join but now you have to get pre-approved. Got some screenshots of the group pages from a few of my contacts to give you an idea of what’s happening there.

Talk about a complete roundabout. Funny that just like Tibet, this group has been blocked from outsiders and set under “martial law” or whatever that means. At least they’re not shooting the members who leave the group … or I hope so.

I also found an interesting pattern against Tibet advocates. An article from March 2008 stated that there many email addresses belonging to those supportive of the Tibetan cause had been targeted numerous times with keyloggers (software designed to record keyboard strokes and transmit to the hacker) and trojans from fake email addresses and through deceiving pro-Tibet textual content.

Another article traced the emails and came with unsurprising results (hint: IP source was pinpointed to Beijing). The article also states that similar treatment has been dished out to Uygurs and Falun Gong members. Gee. I wonder what kind of person would do such a thing.

Along with the malware trojan distribution to Tibet sympathizers, even websites are being defaced. An expert chimed in – “The resurging trend of individual cyber-attacks, or at least based on the accusations from Western governments, is largely carried out by a new group or new generation of youngsters, who view the CPC government as too weak and too soft toward foreign pressure or insults, and take justice in their own hands.

On a different note, a pro-Israel group decided to take matters into their own hands after Facebook failed to take action against a hate group listed on the popular social networking site. “Israel is not a country! Delist it from Facebook as a country” remained on Facebook despite thousands of complaints from all around the world. The Jewish Internet Defense Force had no choice but to hack the group and take it down.

Unlike the JIDF case, the “Students for a Free Tibet” peace group was hacked by people supporting oppression and violence. There are rumors that one of the members is a white supremacist and found an ally in China’s tyranny against the peaceful Tibetans.

The names of the hackers of the “Students for a Free Tibet” Facebook group shown on the image to the left. Motives unknown. Religious fanatics? Muslims? Christians? Right-wing neo-Nazis? Al-Qaida? Chinese spies?

I’ve received notes that at least one person in the admin group is a non-entity user essentially a fake user controlled by someone else. His profile has since been set to “private.”

Regardless of whoever they be, here’s to hoping these clowns come to their senses and stop supporting a Communist/Totalitarian regime. Otherwise, they should just pack up their bags and move to friendly Beijing.

A message to Facebook administrators and users:

When they came for the gypsies, I did not speak, for I am not a gypsy.

When they came for the Jews, I did not speak, because I wasn’t a Jew.

When they came for the Catholics, I did not speak, for I am not a Catholic.

When they came for me, there was no one left to speak.


Republican National Conference in St Paul, Minnesota

3 09 2008

The corrupt politicians and their fake-smiling cronies are in town across the river in St Paul, Minnesota. So are a nasty bunch of anarchists and the usual assortment of hippie peace lovers. On tv, Rudy Guiliani appeared and started making small talk getting the crowd hyped up averaging around 3-5 words per sentence. The crowd cheered. More 3-5 word simple sentences with “9-11” thrown in randomly. The crowd cheered again.  The pattern continued and Rudy said “USA” with a swing to get the crowd going “USA USA USA” like sheep following the movement of a mindless herd. Wish there was someone out there asking Rudy about how he refused to help out the FDNY and NYPD who were volunteering out there during 9-11 and now suffering from various respiratory diseases.

We’re all getting used to Rudy’s stories of how he fought the terrorists during 9-11 but then he came out making fun of Barack Obama’s efforts to the streets of Chicago. Seriously. Rudy? You must be going senile. And as expected, he went on to praise McCain through out the years but failed to bring out 2000 when almost every Republican out there painted him as an unpatriotic American. Didn’t matter. The crowd cheered. Something about the honorable Joe Biden (Democratic vice-presidential nominee) flip-flopping. The crowd cheered around his feet.

Then the newly nominated VP to John “I was shot down in Vietnam” McCain showed up. Sarah Palin began the speech with family values and growing up in a small town in Alaska with her “Eskimo” husband who strangely enough looked white and very un-Eskimo. I bet he was discriminated quite a bit because he was an “Eskimo.” Oh puhleez. Don’t yell out saying Obama’s pulling the race card when you’re doing it yourself, only in your case, it doesn’t work at all.

Along the way, she talked about her activities in the PTA and being a mayor of a town of a few thousand. And do note that she said it was a “tough” job unlike serving on the streets of South Chicago. If that’s tough, I’d like to know what her understanding of the role of the VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA means to her. Then something about how she liked to drive in her car. WTF does this have anything to do with being qualified for the position? Then some lies about tax breaks and how Obama would raise taxes. Lies. More lies. Some history on her efforts which she lied about. If she was a murderer, the crowd could care less because this is the crowd that refuses to look at facts. The crowd cheered.

Like “9-11 Rudy”, wife of Eskimo and the Governor of the populous State of Alaska, Sarah Palin talked about all the torture” that John McCain had to endure in Vietnam. Only, I got 2 problems with that:

  1. Vietnam vets do not like to talk about what they did and saw there. They’re not willing to relive those memories. So why is Palin and Rudy going on and on about John McCain being a POW there?
  2. John McCain was NOT tortured. According to the US Government and our prez whom some call “Dubya” or “the original pothead”, worse acts were carried out to the fine residents of Guantanomo Bay and it was deemed normal treatment.

About John McCain, and please I do not have anything against someone who actually went there along with the likes of Democrat John Kerry (who was bashed by Repuglicans for not being a true veteran), although I respect his service, getting shot down isn’t something to be proud of. He is still an American hero but I severely doubt he is the right person for the job. And why are the Repuglicans now embracing him when they trampled down on him back in 2000?

Since she had nothing else to say about her experience and had exhausted her vocabulary of emotional keywords, she went on with some negative jabs on Obama. The crowd cheered. Sarah Palin mocking Barack Obama? Someone who’s had it easy all her life making fun of a social worker? Very classy indeed. Literally.

Republican speeches are always very interesting because of their over-use of keywords and suggestive terms and the blatant lies tossed callously in sentences filled with emotional moments. You can be Emperor Palpitine or Darth Vader and still come out after the speech looking like good ol’ Ben Kenobi. In short, all words and no substance. But be warned. If you’re not careful, you can get swept in with their lies just like how Anakin Skywalker turned to the dark side and became Darth Vader. We know Palpatine and Darth Vader are “evil” because they already look like villains and can’t afford the luxury to smile and make you comfortable unlike the Repuglicans you see on tv.

The following are some of the most popular keywords in a typical Republican speech: God, good, evil, victory, America, Americans, bless, values, faith, terrorist, protection, death tax. Nauseatingly childlike and corny but certainly very definitive and divisive words for the simple-minded. You’re either with us, or against us. Sounds familiar? You know what, the American public has had enough and can see through their lies and know that they’re going to get 4 more years of the same terrible 8 years we’ve gone through. If you want to take advantage of unsuspecting people, go do that elsewhere. My word of advice to republicans is to “Pack up your lies in your suitcases and get out of our country!”

The Greatest Olympics Ever?

24 04 2008

As China steadies itself for the media onslaught in the summer, for the first time in history, the Olympics will be held in a Communist state under Capitalistic economic policies and a Totalitarian-styled regime. Quite reasonably, there have been a lot of concerns voiced by various nations about the clash in the true ideals of the Olympics and China’s heavy-handed approach in attending to “domestic” matters. Never before has the prestigious games been opposed so openly by citizens behind the geographical, cultural, and political boundaries that separates them.

For one, the ethnic Tibetans in the “Autonomous Region of Tibet” have been suppressed since 1949. The history books in China paint a picture of Mao’s troops liberating the Tibetan “slaves” in a class-based society. Sadly, what is failed to be mentioned are that many millions of Tibetans died working against their wills in slave camps for the Communistic beliefs held by China. Those that survived died from malnutrition after being forced to follow Mao’s failed economic and agricultural programs which led to a long famine in the harsh climates of the Tibetan plateau. The nation lost over 50% of their lands through China’s renaming and rezoning of their provinces. Even today, their senior monks are hand-picked by Chinese government officials instead of by the monasteries and their spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, is still banned in Tibet. Possessing a picture of the Dalai Lama or uttering his name in public are deemed serious offenses. The ubiquity of CCTVs (closed-circuit television aka security cameras), plainclothes cops, and cops disguised as monks on the streets of Lhasa ensure that nobody steps out of line. In fact, it’s a boot camp and not many people like boot camps when you’re forced to live in one for all your life.

So what’s going on with this summer Olympics in Beijing? Is it because of “western bias” against the communist state? Or is it “racism” as some Chinese blogs pout on the interweb? The IOC Olympics Games was revived in 1896 in Athens, Greece to promote peace and harmony through the enabling of ordinary citizens to participate in a global sporting event. Unfortunately, the Olympics is marred by a history of problems, political boycotts, and corruption. One of the nations that tried to boycott the Olympics was China who in 1976 forced Canada to withdraw Taiwan from the games who ended up missing 2 Olympics Games until 1984. What a bag of hypocrites.

Truth be told, ideally the Olympics should never be boycotted because of the values it tries to promote. In reality, something needs to be done and there is a definite need for a stronger person at the helm. Someone who can claim that his/her values firmly match that of the Olympics and is able to stick to them. A person without a conscience will continue to support the management at the IOC and the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing because of their hypocritical stance in that human rights in China shouldn’t be the concern of the citizens of the Olympic world. Whatever happened to peace?

In Nepal, an unidentified mountain climber was “deported” after security found a “FREE TIBET” flag in his backpack. The Nepalese police and soldiers are guarding Mount Everest to protect China’s interests with the authorization to use “whatever means necessary, including use of weapons” to stop the protests in the region. Media coverage in the region of Tibet and Lhasa has been neutered while government propaganda blankets the airwaves in mainland China. Oh and the whole bootcamp thing. Tibet has been turned into one after thousands of soldiers (not cops were brought into the capital) are now camping by Everest on China’s side of the mountain.

Chinese immigrants (legal and illegal) abroad have taken various stand-points. Some are of the belief that China-can-do-no-wong while others have realized the importance of human rights. To all you Chinese who actively support China’s activities, let me make it clear – the protests aren’t against the Chinese, but rather directed towards a government that has been corrupted by power and is now out of control socially.

Is this a case of too little too late or is the IOC simply not doing it’s job after failing to enforce China’s promise to clean-up their acts upon winning the bid for the 2008 Games?

It’s like fucking for babies instead of pleasure. Corporate money over ideals.

Screw human rights and peace. Let the Games begin!

Tips on how to eat Fast Food!

16 01 2008

People say there is only one way to eat fast food and that is to eat it. For the money, it’s usually the best deal unless you live near China Town and can scavenge off $5 buffet meals. Alright, I’m here to tell you that there actually is a way to eat fast food and I’m only sharing this portion of my age old wisdom due to a stagnation of wages, increase of inflation from 3.4% to 4.3%, energy costs, grocery food prices, and unemployment.

This tip is only for those who wish to:
1. Buy less and fill themselves faster.
2. Save money on fast food cuz you buy less. (duh!)
3. Live healthier because you eat less but enough to reach your daily calorie quota.

Analyze the picture below and spot the mistake this beef-cake is making.

Well here’s what he’s doing wrong:

Starting off his meal with a burger!




The rules of eating fast food are:
1. Light sip of soda to wet the appetite.
2. Fries first because fries go bad quickly and also because it helps in expanding your stomach which in turn prepares your body for the large mass of beef/cheese/fat that is to follow.
3. Burgers follow only after you’re done with your fries.

Following the above rules will usually result in you “feeling” full rather than eating burgers first and then fries. Eating is a psychological experience. It is also a physical experience. All the energy expended in eating fries will make you tired and your stomach happy.

But before we go anywhere, let’s start-off with when you walk in to a fast food restaurant and your hungry stomach is telling you to get the largest. Remember Godzilla. Big doesn’t always mean you live the longest. The puny humans outlived that crap of radioactive waste.

So, something to know before placing an order:
Never order a meal! The drinks that come with the meal will usually add $1+ on your meal and they fill you up very quickly. In essence, they’re not worth the money you spend on ’em. Instead ask for water. It’s free and does the same as soda only healthier. You can take a quick sip of it and continue with #2 and 3 from my rules list.

Eating cheap at Burger King and McDonald’s?
Order the dollar menu. We all know about the dollar menu so why aren’t we using them?
1. Burger King has the Jr Whopper and Spicy Chicken Sandwiches (bigger than the Whopper Jr) for $1 which they usually do not advertise. Or try swapping the burgers with McDonald’s McChicken or the Cheeseburger (doesn’t really fill up anybody).
2. Get 2 of them with fries and a cup of water and it should be all within $4 after taxes.

Now that you’re loaded with this piece of garbage information, hope you take heed to the GIGO formula of Garbage In Garbage Out. Fast Foods are garbage but then again, for the economically and culinarily challenged, the above hints will help you ease your troubled diet consisting of ramen noodles and peanut butter sandwiches along with the occasional Totinos (or other cheap $1) pizzas.

Click your heels together and join in the cacophony of JT’s “… I’m loving it!” chorus.

Frozen Pizza = Cheap Shit

1 11 2007

In the wake of all this dour financial outlook to life with stocks tumbling faster than customers rushing to the nearest restrooms after consuming Taco Bells, running news from the television tells me that a Minnesota company, General Mills, is involved in E.Coli-tainted meat in frozen pizzas. KSTP/Channel 5 News blew out this piece of stinky news. The brands of frozen pizzas involved are JENO’S and TOTITNO’S for all you cheap pizza lovers.

Since July to October 2007, 21 incidents in 10 States showed E.Coli contamination in certain JENO’S and TOTINO’S frozen pizzas. The most common cases were with Pepperoni and some combination of Pepperoni. There are 4 known cases of kidney failures including 1 from our Corn and Cheese producing neighbor, Wisconsin. Supposedly, General Mills ran investigations and tests into their product lines and came up with no traces of E.Coli anywhere. So looks like they flushed out their crap down to the consumers. It’s found at almost any grocery store including Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, and Target stores.

So you wanna watch out for Totino’s pizzas starting with UPC code 42800 and 35300 for Jeno’s pizzas. I checked my Totino’s I got from a friend who came over to watch football and to my horror, the code matched. FAAAAK!

And it’s freaky to know that I almost ate it last night. Came down with a sore throat which is spreading in this region like the fires in California and I’m so glad I decided to go for the better D’Giorno’s Pizza instead. Time for me to take it to Cub Foods because that’s where my friend bought it from.

Tell-tale symptons of E.Coli in your body would be diarrhea, stomach cramps, (possibly dizziness and light-headed), and other abdominal conditions. So GO AND RETURN OR TRASH YOUR PIZZAS!!!!!!! What is going on these days? Can they not make food without some kind of shitty compounds floating in them?

Some strange/funny news from around

29 10 2007

Oct 14: Anti-Gay rights Republican Idaho Senator, Larry “I am not gay” Craig, fresh out of his gay-sex scandal in the Minneapolis Airport (MSP) mens restroom got honored in Idaho. I’m assuming they’re now planning on making changes to the name of the state by adding a “mo” at the end of “Idaho” as in which case would resonate well with the Republican-stronghold’s leading political hypocrite. How can you be tell the world that you were looking for gay sex in court in front of the world and then a week later tell them all that you were never gay?

Oct 17: Some fat nerd/geek behind a computer screams out Ron Paul and a million nerds scream out the same name. Then they go around telling other fat easily gullible fools that Ron Paul is the answer to our nations problems as though we need another 4 years under Republican rule. These clowns must’ve read this story and believed every word of it. ROFL!

Oct 19: The “best broadband service” Comcast, one of the tier 1 Internet Service Providers here blocked test attempts made by the Associated Press to download the Bible through the popular p2p (peer to peer) file sharing technology, BitTorrent. First they denied any hand in the slowdown of torrent file sharing over the internet. Then a week later, they admitted to it. Later when talks about Comcast getting sued were on the air, Comcast denied blocking p2p torrent exchanging. Later, Congressman Rick Boucher slaps Comcasts wrists with a warning. Insiders reveal that Comcast uses Sandvine to do their dirty work. Comcast denies. Proof of Sandvine’s involvement in the issue comes out on their own website. Comcast still in denial to the public. Comcast’s profits drop 54%. I say karma is doing a wonderful job here.

Oct 23: Report uncovers that the 67 year old meat company, Topps Meat Co, reduced meat inspection levels and mixed foreign and domestic meat to meet (no pun intended) an unexpectedly high demand from Sam’s Club or Wal-Mart customers not too long before customers got sick eating that shit. The discovery of the E.Coli virus which is found in matters pertaining to the fecal kind, left the company with massive lawsuits and an instant collapse amidst a 22 million pound frozen beef patty recall. It is believed that contaminated meat is still being sold at Wal-Marts and Sam’s Clubs around the nation. I knew food at Sam’s Club and Wal-Marts were shit but didn’t quite think of it in literal terms. I guess that makes a lot of people shit-eaters. *pukes*

Oct 23: Gap finds out child-labor was used in India to make their products. I mean how long does it take to figure that out? The trim quality of Gap has suffered immeasurably in recent years. You can see poorly cut clothes and shitty stitchings on almost any Gap product. Clearly, this is the work of children, not machines or professionals. For the price of your clothes, you have to hire either one of the last 2 suggestions.

Oct 24: Arsonists suspected in the Southern California fires. Who the fck are these people and why the hell are they burning up houses and property? As if insurance rates and pollution levels weren’t quite high enough out in Cali, some clowns decided to take on the task of increasing our renter’s insurance (property insurance) and global warming. We’re assuming these people whoever they may be are not planning on living in Cali for long due to the possibility that either the ocean might reclaim the land, pollution and smog kills the living, or Gah-buh-nuh Arnie pumps more iron than green into the economy.

Oct 28: Hollywood revenues declined for the 6th straight week. Not surprising with a declining middle-income class, faltering dollar strength, and the rich preferring to pour their money into the volatile stock market as the right-wing party wants us to believe. In reality, rich people prefer investing in stocks that can return a profit as in Asian stocks out in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo. Time to get all the rich people to go out and watch all the movies you pour out, Hollywood!

Oct 28: Philip Morris, the giant cigarette/tobacco company off loaded $350 million and opened a new research center for “products to reduce the risk of tobacco use.” WTF did I just hear? That’s like saying Hollywood will invest millions of dollars to produce movies that make people not want to watch it on their television sets. Oh wait. That’s already in the process. So is Philip Morris actually speaking the truth? “Thank You for Smoking” is a good movie about these bastards although I did want to strangle the smart-ass kid of the main character.