Pro-Tibet Facebook Group Hacked!!!

8 01 2009

A NY/DC based Pro-Tibet organization, “Students for a Free Tibet” had their Facebook group hacked as of last summer. I was originally informed of this by colleagues from NY back in August but the details were vague. Supposedly, it used to be an open group meaning anyone could join but now you have to get pre-approved. Got some screenshots of the group pages from a few of my contacts to give you an idea of what’s happening there.

Talk about a complete roundabout. Funny that just like Tibet, this group has been blocked from outsiders and set under “martial law” or whatever that means. At least they’re not shooting the members who leave the group … or I hope so.

I also found an interesting pattern against Tibet advocates. An article from March 2008 stated that there many email addresses belonging to those supportive of the Tibetan cause had been targeted numerous times with keyloggers (software designed to record keyboard strokes and transmit to the hacker) and trojans from fake email addresses and through deceiving pro-Tibet textual content.

Another article traced the emails and came with unsurprising results (hint: IP source was pinpointed to Beijing). The article also states that similar treatment has been dished out to Uygurs and Falun Gong members. Gee. I wonder what kind of person would do such a thing.

Along with the malware trojan distribution to Tibet sympathizers, even websites are being defaced. An expert chimed in – “The resurging trend of individual cyber-attacks, or at least based on the accusations from Western governments, is largely carried out by a new group or new generation of youngsters, who view the CPC government as too weak and too soft toward foreign pressure or insults, and take justice in their own hands.

On a different note, a pro-Israel group decided to take matters into their own hands after Facebook failed to take action against a hate group listed on the popular social networking site. “Israel is not a country! Delist it from Facebook as a country” remained on Facebook despite thousands of complaints from all around the world. The Jewish Internet Defense Force had no choice but to hack the group and take it down.

Unlike the JIDF case, the “Students for a Free Tibet” peace group was hacked by people supporting oppression and violence. There are rumors that one of the members is a white supremacist and found an ally in China’s tyranny against the peaceful Tibetans.

The names of the hackers of the “Students for a Free Tibet” Facebook group shown on the image to the left. Motives unknown. Religious fanatics? Muslims? Christians? Right-wing neo-Nazis? Al-Qaida? Chinese spies?

I’ve received notes that at least one person in the admin group is a non-entity user essentially a fake user controlled by someone else. His profile has since been set to “private.”

Regardless of whoever they be, here’s to hoping these clowns come to their senses and stop supporting a Communist/Totalitarian regime. Otherwise, they should just pack up their bags and move to friendly Beijing.

A message to Facebook administrators and users:

When they came for the gypsies, I did not speak, for I am not a gypsy.

When they came for the Jews, I did not speak, because I wasn’t a Jew.

When they came for the Catholics, I did not speak, for I am not a Catholic.

When they came for me, there was no one left to speak.


Get taxed to drive?

4 01 2009

I know it’s been a while since I last posted and this post has very little to do with tech *cough-GPS-cough* but here’s an article from Autoblog that has got my blood boiling:

Oregon ran a pilot program in 2006 and 2007 that fitted 300 cars with GPS receivers, which kept track of the cars’ mileage. The receivers also kept records of when the cars were on the road, noting whether they traveled during rush hour or not. When the drivers went to several specially-equipped gas stations, they paid a mileage tax based on how far they had driven and when they drove, rush hour being more expensive than the wee hours.

Taxing mileage — as opposed to trying to raise fuel taxes — is an idea that’s not only raising eyebrows, it’s also raising interest. Seven other states are reported to be interested in finding a publicly-palatable way to tax mileage. A panel in North Carolina even recommended that drivers be charged a quarter-cent-per-mile for their year’s driving. In such a scenario, after 15,000 miles you’d owe the state $37.50.

GPS? The hell were they thinking? I understand states are losing revenues they normally would been counting on from gas tax but going the extreme route of charging by the distance traveled is a bit too much on the big brother side. When gas prices were this low 3 years ago, how were the states making money then? If people drove less, it would mean less stress on the roads which would also mean that there would be less maintenance required. Sleazy politicians always trying to find ways to tax the citizens to bring out short-term solutions for their own work performance shortcomings.

At this rate, small towns will be affected even more so. A lot of people commute to and from work from small towns or suburbs which would lead to some of them moving into the already crowded cities to avoid the “mile tax” or “toll booths”. I hate you Lou Dobbs because all you’ve been saying the past 5 or 6 years of your CNN existence has been about “heartland” and “illegal immigration” but now it’s about time you use your clout to stuff your big head into the courtrooms about those governments and do something good for once.


5 11 2008

A historic night for the world with a brand new elected leader of the free world! Congratulations President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden!!!

Also was surprised to hear John McCain finallly become his old self free from the evil shackles of the oil lobbists and the Republican propaganda machine. Kudos to you but can’t say the same for some of the disgraceful people supporting him. Send those “Anti-Americans” to Guantanomo Bay!

Watching the tv with trepidation and an endless supply of beer and good company, it was great to see this whole business come down with fantastic results. Once again, congratulations President Obama! The nation needs you and you’ve stepped up to the plate.

Cool tax saving calculator

3 11 2008

There is a general understanding that McCain being the real maverick will continue to dole out tax incentives regardless of the plight of the economy with the majority of the benefits going out to the mega corporations and CEOs who’ve had it incredibly easy in these past 8 years. He will continue to borrow money from communist nations like China and hold the rest of the nation liable to pay back those loans with interest in the not too distant future.

Essentially speaking, John McCain will be purchasing credit cards under our names and use it to blow away 700 billions of dollars every year into unstable nations like Iraq indefinitely without a guarantee from the Iraqi government for a return benefit (ie. cheap gas, contracts to American companies, etc) and continue to acquire more credit cards to pay overpaid CEOs so that they may be eligible for tax refunds. A sure way to take down this economy and what makes this nation so great.

Do take into consideration that the tax incentives from either candidate are rather outageous given the economic situation but it seems that John McCain is not a maverick but a fool bent on pursuing the same Bush economic policies and worsening our lives. The average employer is realizing that they’d rather pay more taxes and have better sales than pay less taxes and lower sales. After all, Obama is simply taking taxation back to how it was in the ’90s for folks out there making $250,000 net income while helping out the middle class to rejuvenate the economy.

… about time …

Whether you are a supporter of Barack Obama or John McCain, whether you already voted or will vote, or whether you can or cannot vote for various reasons, here’s a little something to let you know how much you can save through either candidate as president.

Palin gets nailed!

3 11 2008

A couple of Canadian comedians radio DJs managed to make a prank call to Alaskan Governor and Republican candidate John McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin. Listen as Palin is taken on a ride throughout an obviously ridiculous conversation without once suspecting the phone caller’s legitamacy. A bit too naive shall we say? You be the judge.

Credit to MudFlats!

A full transcript is available on Daily Kos for those of you who can’t bring yourselves to listen to the whole thing, which is impossible to do without palms on face.  Here’s a portion of it: (FNS is fake Nicholas Sarkozy and SP is Sarah Palin)

FNS: I just want to be sure, I don’t’ quite understand the phenomenon “Joe the Plumber,” that’s not your husband, right?
SP: Mmhmm, that’s not my husband but he’s a normal American who just works hard and doesn’t want government to take his money.

FNS: Yes, yes, I understand, we have the equivalent of Joe the Plumber in France, it’s called, “Marcel, the guy with bread under his armpit, oui.”
SP: Right. That’s what it’s all about, is the middle class, and government needing to work for them. You’re a very good example for us here.

FNS: I  seen a bit about NBC even Fox News wasn’t an ally, an ally, sorry, about as much as usual.
SP: Yeah that’s what we’re up against.

FNS: I must say, Governor Palin, I love the documentary they made on your life, you know, Hustler’s “Nailin Palin.”
SP:  Oh, good, thank you. Yes.

FNS: That was really edgy.
SP: [Laughs] Well good.

Elitist, Marxist, Obama, McCain, Biden, Palin, and some thoughts

28 10 2008

As the days dwindle down to the November 4th, 2008 elections, Senator John McCain’s attempts to win votes are looking more and more desperate than ever. Sleaze ball tactics on high alert!

McCain sayz: “My friends. Obama is palling around with a domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers!”
Truth: There were other well known Republicans in the same board to fight poverty with Ayers. To further discredit that attack line, Obama was only 8 when Ayers was conducting his violent actions. Ayers is now a professor in Chicago and a well recognized figure among both parties and his past actions have been denounced by Obama.

Having said that, guilt by association could tie John McCain with one of his good buddies, G. Gordon Liddy, who stated on air that the best way to kill US Government Agents was to use an M-1 rifle with head shots – “their flak jackets won’t protect them.” Liddy further suggested to callers on air to own weapons and not get them registered. Sounds like a perfect terrorist buddy. McCain hasn’t denounced his buddy’s terrorist statements to date. McCain is also linked to a good number of shady characters including a starring role in the Keating Five political corruption scandal and ties to recently convicted Mafia felons in Italy. All of those are newer than the Bill Ayers sage which took place in the 70s.

Speaking of which, Sarah Palin’s husband and Sarah Palin herself were very active members of the Alaska Indepence Party for around 7 years. She made concerted efforts to speak in AIP conventions cementing her love for the party through her very whiny and annoying voice. I pray we don’t have to hear her talk on tv as much, especially after the elections. Her husband is purported to still be a member of the Alaskan secessionist movement. So the unanswered question here would be, is Sarah Palin a terrorist due to her involvement with AIP, a terrorist organization … and is John McCain a terrorist for working alongside Sarah Palin? I wonder why the “liberal” media didn’t pick that up. Strange. If they’re “liberal,” they sure as heck don’t act like it.

Palin sayz: “Obama is a socialist. He wants to take your hard earned money by raising taxes.”
Truth: She was referring to people making over $250,000 after deducting all work-related expenses. Raising taxes for the top earners who’s had it easy for the past 8 years through regulations favoring them over the middle class which is why the middle-class has shrunk in the US. Out of all the developed nations in the world, the US ranks towards the very top in terms of legal ways to minimize one’s taxable income. The more you make, the less you pay and due to this, the biggest winners from those all so very legal loopholes are the top 5% wage earners. All this made possible in the past 8 years and as a result, the gap between the rich and the poor has never been greater.

Here’s the kicker though. If you are an ordinary middle-income citizen, you pay more taxes. This is why you are poor and this is why the rich remain rich, and Obama wants to change that by giving greater tax breaks to the huge majority unlike the older gentleman.

In business, your goal is to make a net profit, but the primary goal of an accountant for a business should always be to ensure having a minimum tax liability using one of the thousands of ways to escape from doing what most Americans do annually. This is why even when businesses report being in the red in terms of taxable income, they are operating just fine. Through John McCain and Sarah Palin’s “non-socialist/patriotic/American” economic politics, they ensure the money continues to trickle up from the average American (or Joe six-pack) to fund the lifestyles of the elite.

Poor Joe Biden had to respond to this nearly retarded question added with a segment insinewing that Barack Obama was in someways, a Marxist. And this from some local tv news reporter who coincidentally happened to be a Republican. That would make Ronald Reagan a Marxist as well. Would she make it “fair and balanced” by dishing out something similar to Palin about John McCain? I wonder what she thought of Social Security, Medicare, the VFW programs for vets, and other social programs. Or for that matter, raising taxes to fix the terrible shape of the nation’s infrastructure or boosting defense? If Obama’s a socialist, McCain is a Bush-ist (you know what I mean) and Sarah Palin is a terrorist. As for Joe the Biden, he’s a very patriotic tax-paying American and faithful public servant for the regular Americans unlike another Joe we’ve heard on the tv quite a bit and brought up in the debates by the Republican candidate, John McCain.

My take on this is Sarah Palin is an elitist. She can call others whatever she wants to and use strange folksy accents but she is still an elitist. Putting a lipstick on a pig does not disguise a pig. She can live in a nice mansion, have the area rezoned because she was the governor, take a lot of additional perks by dropping $160,000 in fashion shopping (and promising to donate it after she was caught red-handed), break a lot of other state ethics in her dealings such as “troopergate.” She can lie about her unmarried daughter’s baby, then have it named “TRIG???”, then use her kids as props in her campaign but at the same time claim her kids are off-bounds. She can sell her private jet at a loss and still put out statements touting her achievements through her great skills in business. For her, losing a million bucks or using cheap gimmicks like winking at cameras and wearing flashy attires isn’t much, but for the rest of America, it sure does mean a heckuva lot and “you betcha” we aren’t smiling.

McCain sayz: “My friends. I am not Bush!”
Truth: True but if all his economic policies do are to benefit the top wage earners, symptoms of Bush’s economic plans, then he certainly is trying to emulate Bush and send us deeper into the mire. We all know the economic policies currently in place aren’t helping the nation and change needs to come, not just through campaign slogans such as “CHANGE IS COMING”, but through setting better laid-out policies. Prez Bush liked McCain’s policies so much so that he even voted for McCain via early voting. Talk about a great endorsement from the man himself.

Verdict: As usual, the Republican propaganda machine is trying to churn out a smokescreen on their candidates questionable activities by smearing their opponents instead of talking about what they can personally bring to the Oval Office. The GOP candidates are pure radicals in every sense but the trick is to turn on the fog lamps on them. Will the American public once against get conned by the RED-menace or are we smart enough to see through their bullshit?

As one great American once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country!”

Republican National Conference in St Paul, Minnesota

3 09 2008

The corrupt politicians and their fake-smiling cronies are in town across the river in St Paul, Minnesota. So are a nasty bunch of anarchists and the usual assortment of hippie peace lovers. On tv, Rudy Guiliani appeared and started making small talk getting the crowd hyped up averaging around 3-5 words per sentence. The crowd cheered. More 3-5 word simple sentences with “9-11” thrown in randomly. The crowd cheered again.  The pattern continued and Rudy said “USA” with a swing to get the crowd going “USA USA USA” like sheep following the movement of a mindless herd. Wish there was someone out there asking Rudy about how he refused to help out the FDNY and NYPD who were volunteering out there during 9-11 and now suffering from various respiratory diseases.

We’re all getting used to Rudy’s stories of how he fought the terrorists during 9-11 but then he came out making fun of Barack Obama’s efforts to the streets of Chicago. Seriously. Rudy? You must be going senile. And as expected, he went on to praise McCain through out the years but failed to bring out 2000 when almost every Republican out there painted him as an unpatriotic American. Didn’t matter. The crowd cheered. Something about the honorable Joe Biden (Democratic vice-presidential nominee) flip-flopping. The crowd cheered around his feet.

Then the newly nominated VP to John “I was shot down in Vietnam” McCain showed up. Sarah Palin began the speech with family values and growing up in a small town in Alaska with her “Eskimo” husband who strangely enough looked white and very un-Eskimo. I bet he was discriminated quite a bit because he was an “Eskimo.” Oh puhleez. Don’t yell out saying Obama’s pulling the race card when you’re doing it yourself, only in your case, it doesn’t work at all.

Along the way, she talked about her activities in the PTA and being a mayor of a town of a few thousand. And do note that she said it was a “tough” job unlike serving on the streets of South Chicago. If that’s tough, I’d like to know what her understanding of the role of the VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA means to her. Then something about how she liked to drive in her car. WTF does this have anything to do with being qualified for the position? Then some lies about tax breaks and how Obama would raise taxes. Lies. More lies. Some history on her efforts which she lied about. If she was a murderer, the crowd could care less because this is the crowd that refuses to look at facts. The crowd cheered.

Like “9-11 Rudy”, wife of Eskimo and the Governor of the populous State of Alaska, Sarah Palin talked about all the torture” that John McCain had to endure in Vietnam. Only, I got 2 problems with that:

  1. Vietnam vets do not like to talk about what they did and saw there. They’re not willing to relive those memories. So why is Palin and Rudy going on and on about John McCain being a POW there?
  2. John McCain was NOT tortured. According to the US Government and our prez whom some call “Dubya” or “the original pothead”, worse acts were carried out to the fine residents of Guantanomo Bay and it was deemed normal treatment.

About John McCain, and please I do not have anything against someone who actually went there along with the likes of Democrat John Kerry (who was bashed by Repuglicans for not being a true veteran), although I respect his service, getting shot down isn’t something to be proud of. He is still an American hero but I severely doubt he is the right person for the job. And why are the Repuglicans now embracing him when they trampled down on him back in 2000?

Since she had nothing else to say about her experience and had exhausted her vocabulary of emotional keywords, she went on with some negative jabs on Obama. The crowd cheered. Sarah Palin mocking Barack Obama? Someone who’s had it easy all her life making fun of a social worker? Very classy indeed. Literally.

Republican speeches are always very interesting because of their over-use of keywords and suggestive terms and the blatant lies tossed callously in sentences filled with emotional moments. You can be Emperor Palpitine or Darth Vader and still come out after the speech looking like good ol’ Ben Kenobi. In short, all words and no substance. But be warned. If you’re not careful, you can get swept in with their lies just like how Anakin Skywalker turned to the dark side and became Darth Vader. We know Palpatine and Darth Vader are “evil” because they already look like villains and can’t afford the luxury to smile and make you comfortable unlike the Repuglicans you see on tv.

The following are some of the most popular keywords in a typical Republican speech: God, good, evil, victory, America, Americans, bless, values, faith, terrorist, protection, death tax. Nauseatingly childlike and corny but certainly very definitive and divisive words for the simple-minded. You’re either with us, or against us. Sounds familiar? You know what, the American public has had enough and can see through their lies and know that they’re going to get 4 more years of the same terrible 8 years we’ve gone through. If you want to take advantage of unsuspecting people, go do that elsewhere. My word of advice to republicans is to “Pack up your lies in your suitcases and get out of our country!”